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Top 5 Pulse Interview Insights

Pulse Interviews are a regular employee feedback practice for organizations committed to fully understanding the challenges employees encounter in their roles with the company. Pulse Interviews are the best way to generate continuous, up-to-date feedback from employees.

Organizations dedicated to creating a productive employee environment understand exactly how important it is to regularly reach out to employees because of how often their views change throughout the employment life-cycle. Those organizations realize how different employees’ views of the organization can change from how they feel during the first 90 days of employment, how they feel after working for two years at the organization, or how capable they feel they can do their jobs while working during a pandemic.

Great organizations committed to employee feedback understand how the annual engagement survey is not near as useful as continually collecting feedback from their workforce through Pulse Interviews. The employer-employee relationship is just that, a relationship. Regular and continual feedback is necessary to create a strong relationship.

The five most popular Pulse Interviews insights:

  1. A progress report on new initiatives: Implementing new policies often rocks the boat with employees because people generally do not like change. Pulse Interviews help companies understand how employees feel about those changes and how to optimize those changes so they are more successful.
  2. Movement on issues uncovered in other employee feedback initiatives: Pulse Interview data creates an opportunity for organizations to determine the return on investment on programs implemented because of previous feedback gathered from employees.
  3. Real-time engagement measurement: Organizations are able to pinpoint and comprehend engagement trends as they are happening.
  4. Satellite office intelligence: Have the power to drill down to each individual location to understand the engagement of employees no matter their location.
  5. Individual department perceptions: Obtain timely feedback from each department on how they feel about their manager, job, team, and organization – giving them the opportunity to improve.

Commit to understanding what your employees want and need from their role within the organization. When utilizing the Pulse Interview, organizations are able to make strategic decisions to fulfill those expectations of the employees before they exit for another company.

Regular use of Pulse Interviews is the best practice for generating continuous employee feedback. If your organization has the ambition to become a better employer, there is no reason not to implement a Pulse Interview initiative. We have the technology, the best way to data quickly, and the tools necessary to implement changes quickly. With the ability to optimize workforce research there is no excuse not to implement the best practice in generating timely employee feedback. It is not hard to be cutting edge. Take the necessary steps to be better with a continuous Pulse Interview practice.


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