It is Time to Rebuild HR, Not Defund It

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There is considerable talk these days that HR does not deliver the value of its capability. Additional arguments include moving HR functions into Legal, Finance, and both internal and external Marketing/Communications. Should HR functions be reassigned or defunded? Can HR deliver the value it is designed to provide? The real question is whether HR has… Continue reading It is Time to Rebuild HR, Not Defund It

Employer or Employee-In-Control Marketplace

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The job market economics are clear. Regardless of the COVID distraction of the last several months, the escalating competition for workers and a shrinking talent pool will (again) likely come together, intensifying an employee-in-control marketplace. The need for trained and talented workers is likely to grow faster than their availability, again. A decrease in unemployment,… Continue reading Employer or Employee-In-Control Marketplace

The Power of Asking Why in Generating Actionable Feedback

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An often ignored three letter word that’s answers are extremely powerful to the learning process. Some of us remember that stage in life when our kids walked around asking “Why?” to everything we said. That may have been in the toddler years, some may have had the pleasure of experiencing that in the terrible teen… Continue reading The Power of Asking Why in Generating Actionable Feedback

Valentine’s Day and Relationship Feedback


Valentine’s Day is here and just like any other year; it is time to check in with my significant other for our year-in-review survey. Every year on Valentine’s Day we set aside time to provide feedback to each other on our relationship. It’s a tradition we practice once a year to tell each other what’s… Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Relationship Feedback