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Asking “why?” increases the power to predict intent-to-stay by 20%

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Performing Stay Interviews

Employees stay at organizations for different reasons than they leave, and nearly every organization is unique in the reasons employees stay. Therefore, an effective employee retention strategy includes Stay Interviews, conducted in a manner to understand the workplace conditions that are presently driving retention and potentially driving turnover. Stay Interviews, when conducted accurately, deliver insights to help improve retention by proactively predicting turnover and providing details to guide specific interventions to prevent turnover.

How We Help

To help our partners identify the real reasons why employees stay we use a high touch, deep dive approach to conducting Stay Interviews.

The key to getting high quality stay data is putting the employee in control of the conversation. Utilizing the Voice of the Employee approach, our Stay Interviews allow interviewees to participate by web or in a live telephonic interview while they control the conversation. There is no better way to learn from someone than to listen to them share their thoughts and stories in their own words. Do not restrict their responses for the sake of convenience.

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The Proof

BWSC partnered with Work Institute and discovered employee dissatisfaction stemmed largely from inadequate benefits program. The complications with the program were causing distractions and a lack of productivity, as well as engagement and retention problems.

Work Institute created a current employee survey with probing “why” questions to determine exact reasons for dissatisfaction with the benefits program. The survey provided opportunities to indicate all reasons for discontent, as well as the chance to specify the most important. Work Institute’s impact:

Revealed cost-sharing opportunities of immediate savings of $80,000

This resulted in a revamp of the benefits program with options to better meet the needs of individual employees

Employee dissatisfaction fell to less than 8%


Take Control Today

If it’s time for your organization to get a better understanding of why employees stay with the organization, connect with us to learn more about how Work Institute can help.