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What is the Retention Report?

The Retention Report, an annual publication by Work Institute, provides a comprehensive overview of trends in employee turnover. It aggregates sentiments from nearly 100,000 exit interviews across diverse industries. The interviews, conducted throughout the year by Work Institute, focus on generating qualitative feedback derived from open-ended questions, offering valuable insights into the real reasons for employee departures and what organizations can and should do to retain top talent.

As data-driven aggregation of these conversations, the Retention Report provides an invaluable encapsulation of the current workforce sentiment and can act as a guide for organizations looking to enhance employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

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Access our Archive of Annual Retention Reports for insights into how the needs of the workforce have evolved year to year.

2024 Retention Report: Decoding the Emerging Workforce

Unlock insights on the state of the U.S. Workforce, why employees quit their jobs, and strategies to improve employee retention. Work Institute's Retention Report is your guide to employee engagement success.

2023 Retention Report: The Complexities of Employee Retention

The 2023 Report details the most frequently mentioned reasons for employees leaving, supplementary data on first-year turnover, Net Excellence Scores, employee retention and diversity, as well as work-life balance and career-related factors that contributed to employee departures in 2022.

2022 Retention Report: How Employers Caused the Great Resignation

The 2022 Retention Report details the most popular employee Reasons for Leaving, the state of the US workforce, and how Attractors to a new job are different from Reasons for Leaving throughout 2021.

2022 Healthcare Retention Report

Get the key trends and insights on healthcare retention, turnover, and reasons for leaving from over 23,000 healthcare exit interviews in 2021.

2021 Mid-Year Employee Retention update

We investigated the reasons employees quit their jobs at record levels in the first half of 2021 and provide insights as to what must be done to effectively retain employees.

2021 Retention Report: The COVID Edition

The influence of the global pandemic on the U.S. workforce was unprecedented and we analyzed our data to deliver you the US workforce insights, trends, and reasons for leaving throughout the year 2020.

2020 Retention Report

Insights on 2019 Turnover Trends, Reasons for Leaving, Cost of Turnover, and Recommendations

2019 Retention Report

Trends, Reasons & a Call to Action from the insights of over 250,000 employee interviews

2018 Retention Report

Get the Guide to learn the reasons employees leave their jobs, how these reasons have changed, and how market conditions impact the reasons employees leave

2018 Retention Report Healthcare Supplement

Get the key insights on healthcare retention and turnover from over 23,000 healthcare exit interviews

2017 Retention Report

Trends, Reasons & Recommendations from over 240,000 employee interviews

2017 Retention Report Healthcare Supplement

Insights from organizations that provide goods and services to support the delivery of care for people's health.

Employee Retention & Engagement Strategies

We employ several strategies and tools to assist with employee retention programs, talent development solutions, employment consulting and data gathering. Ask questions. Be engaged. Retain Employees.