Our Approach

How We Conduct our Employee Retention, Engagement, & Turnover Surveys

Ask, Listen, Communicate, Act

Work Institute’s interviews and surveys marry sound scientific methodology with giving employees a true voice. Asking the right questions makes a huge difference in the quality of data collected and improves employee engagement and retention efforts.

Workforce challenges such as high turnover, first-year turnover, leadership concerns, poor culture, and employee disengagement are people problems. People problems can only be solved by... you guessed it, people.

Work Institute believes that to improve the workplace employers must ASK, LISTEN, COMMUNICATE and ACT. 

Voice of the Employee

The employee engagement and retention industry has been inundated with tech savvy, “easy button” software platforms made up of quick, surface-level surveys and emojis. These platforms either leave you to do all the work, or worse yet, don’t truly give employees the voice they deserve.

Our Voice of the Employee interviews use open-ended questions use open-ended questions to help you understand why employees feel the way they do about workplace conditions.  And our surveys were developed by data scientists using over 500,000 of our employee interviews to understand what is most important to employees, not what is most important to employers.

Substance, Not Flash

Improving employee engagement and retention does not stop with simply asking the right questions. Just as important, positive change relies on asking the right questions, analyzing the employee feedback you receive, and implementing programs based on real evidence.  And don’t forget we need to follow up to ensure the solutions are creating the desired results.

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