Our Approach
Ask, Listen, Communicate, Act

The Work Institute Approach

Work Institute’s interview services marry sound scientific methodology with meaningful conversations. Having the right person ask the right questions makes a huge difference in the quality of data collected and improves employee engagement strategy.

Workforce challenges, such as high turnover, poor culture, and employee disengagement are people problems. People problems can only be solved by... you guessed it, people.

Work Institute believes that to fully integrate an employee retention program and truly keep your employees engaged, you must communicate with your workforce effectively. We will help you recruit employees and implement talent development solutions that create positive workplace solutions and increase employee engagement. 

The Employee Voice

The world of employee retention programs has been inundated with tech savvy, “easy button” software platforms made up of quick, surface-level surveys and emojis. These employee engagement strategies either leave you with the same level of employee turnover, or worse yet, don’t truly give employees the voice they deserve.

To the contrary, our Voice of the Employee talent development solutions use open-ended questions to help you understand the “why” behind our employee engagement strategies and we are right beside you with our employee retention experts.

Your employees don’t like their supervisors? Instead of asking 25 different questions about their issue, just ask them why. Create interactive talent. It is the difference between asking someone, “Would you like to travel to Hawaii or Colorado for vacation?” versus asking “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?”

Asking open-ended questions and listening to employee’s responses allows them to share their feelings without being limited to pre-set options. They can emphasize what is important to improve retention and engagement. The only way to understand someone’s perceptions is to listen to them.

Substance, Not Flash

Improving employee engagement and talent development doesn’t stop with simply asking the right questions. Just as importantly, positive change relies on analyzing the employee feedback you receive from your interactive talent, committing to well-designed employee engagement strategies, and creating employee retention programs based on real evidence.

Change in any organization starts with gathering good data. And it’s our belief that high quality data doesn’t come from 200 question surveys or emojis. The best data comes from intentional conversations and active listening. 

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