Key Talent Turnover

The war for Talent is real. Work Institute helps organizations create data-driven, comprehensive strategies to retain the employees most necessary to your business.

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Reduce Leadership & Management Turnover

When critical employees leave your organization, you not only lose valuable talent, but you also may experience a decrease in team morale, damage client relationships, alter succession plans, and create even higher talent turnover. More startling is that studies report that employee turnover among key talent is higher than that of other employees. Most often this turnover is isolated to leadership and management, who are in key positions. However, there are other situations such as healthcare where the key talent is the nursing staff for instance, and reducing turnover there is just as important. The war for talent is real, and employers must take steps to reduce key employee turnover.

How We Reduce Key Talent Turnover

To address and prevent attrition in this part of your population, intentional studies with key talent former and current employees should be conducted to understand this employee group’s preferences, turnover risk and or reasons for leaving. Work Institute’s approach to reducing critical role turnover can include a combination of on-site, live telephonic and web-based interviews with your key talent. Using our Voice of the Employee approach across all data collection methods, we allow these key talent current and former employees’ most pressing issues and likes to be emphasized. The power in the specificity of the data provides a clear picture of what these team members value about the organization and what things should be or could have been addressed to increase the likelihood they would stay with the organization for a longer period. After identifying the specific strengths and opportunities, our workforce experts work with you using the data to inform specific intervention(s) to improve your key talent’s perceptions around crucial areas. Pulse surveys are conducted post-study to ensure the changes are having the desired effects.

The Proof: Retaining Key Talent in Healthcare

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital identified five of their divisions that required more specialized nurses and had higher turnover rates than other parts of the organization. The specificity of Work Institute’s data informed multiple interventions including:

  • Building out a nursing career ladder
  • Partnering with local university to provide increased tuition assistance
  • Strategically removing several poor nurse managers
  • Realignment of some personnel to ensure adequate supervision
  • Revamped the orientation & onboarding processes

How Effectively are you Retaining your Key Players?

If improving Key Talent retention is on your radar, complete our Retention Self-assessment Scorecard for valuable insights about keeping your most valuable team members.