Pulse Surveys
Gathering the Data

Utilizing Pulse Surveys

Employee engagement & retention increases and turnover drops as organizations increase the number of opportunities for employees to utilize their voice. When used the right way, Pulse Surveys deliver insights to track workplace conditions, measure the impact of changes made, and help organizations achieve desirable employee outcomes.

Pulses are most powerful when conducted regularly, in complement to an Employee Engagement Study and other elements of the Voice of the Employee strategy including Onboarding Studies, Recruitment Studies, Exit Interviews, and Stay Interviews.

These surveys are designed to be efficient and effective to conduct frequently to gauge employee perceptions and attitudes.

Effective Uses of Pulse Surveys

Track changes in employee perceptions between annual engagement studies

Especially in a competitive marketplace, it is critical to frequently obtain insights on workplace conditions that are encouraging or challenging engagement and retention. Engagement Studies should uncover workplace conditions that are important to monitor, and Pulses are used to consistently assess perceptions of specific workplace conditions and track changes.

Assess employee perceptions on specific workplace conditions after change

Employee engagement is driven by four key workplace conditions: organization, manager, team, and job. When there are significant changes made to any of these drivers, Pulses should be used to assess changes in employee perceptions. For example, a change in management, job description, and or a change in team members can all cause employee perceptions to change and is reason to conduct a Pulse Survey.

Get feedback from employees on how to improve specific aspects of the business

Employees can provide key insights to leadership on the success or failure of the business, of specific business initiatives, and provide suggestions for improvement.

How to Conduct Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys may supplement the Voice of the Employee strategy in several ways, and it is critical organizations follow an effective methodology to achieve results.

  • Set a specific goal
  • Identify the target population
  • Select an external partner
  • Select an appropriate frequency
  • Collect data systematically
  • Communicate expectations and results to employees
The Essential Guide to Pulse Surveys

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