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Ask, Listen, Communicate, Act

Voice of the Employee Approach

Work Institute’s Voice of the Employee approach gives employees a true voice to identify the strengths and opportunities for employers to improve workplace conditions. Better workplace conditions result in improved retention, higher levels of engagement, and lower human capital costs. We offer:

What makes us different from all the rest? We provide more than just technology platform. We offer the consulting, solutions and most importantly, the expertise to help organizations improve their workplace.

Our Approach
Voice of the Employee Lifecycle Research

The Why Matters

Our interview methodology utilizes open ended questions to help organizations understand why employees feel the way they do. Knowing WHY employees feel the way the do about employers makes all the difference. Our surveys are uniquely based on the over 500,000 employee interviews we have conducted making them the most informed surveys in the industry. It is not about what employers want to know, it’s about what matters to employees.

“The job only required one subset of my skills. Even though I offered myself to do more, the company never allowed me to. I left to take a job that used more of my skills.”

“I left because of schedule conflicts. The company knew I needed to work nights because I was in school and with no notification I was scheduled for days.”

“I never had the resources to do my job. Every time I brought it up, the company said it would be addressed but it never was.”

“It was a negative work environment. Many employees were hostile towards each other and none of this was ever recognized by management.”

“Upper management was awful. We once got an email stating that ‘he would allow us to have Labor Day off’ and that ‘you better enjoy it because next week is going to be very tough.’ Labor Day is a company holiday.”

“I was an employee at the company for years and they continued to hire people from outside the company for jobs I was qualified for.”

Our Clients Get Real Results

Utilizing our unique approach gives employees a REAL voice. Our clients dramatically reduce turnover, improve retention, and save their organizations millions of dollars in costs of turnover and lost productivity.

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