Improve Recruitment Strategies With Candidate Experience Studies

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Performing Recruitment Studies

Uncover the perceptions of the recruitment experience and how to improve it to hire the workers you need. Implementing a regular Recruitment Studies identify areas of improvement in the recruitment process.

Hiring the wrong person can result in high costs for the organization and the consequences go beyond turnover costs; there are costs associated with decreased work production, a disrupted company culture, and potential loss of customers & revenue.

Common Candidate Experience Complaints

Work Institute’s Candidate Experience Studies reveal perceptions of the recruiting experience, how to improve it, and how to hire the workers needed. Common recruitment complaints include:

  • Top applicants vanish during the hiring decision-making process
  • Companies take too long to make a decision
  • Too many hires result in unsatisfactory results
  • Top employees exit the organization within a few months
  • Managers struggle to identify critical aspects of the best candidate
  • Candidates are exposed to continuous rounds of interviews that confuse assessing and selling

80% of Turnover is contributed to poor hiring

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Work Institute’s Approach to Recruitment Studies

We have meticulously designed our recruitment studies to provide a comprehensive view of your hiring process from a candidate’s perspective. To attract and retain top talent, organizations must consider the outcome of the hiring process and the journey candidates go through. By focusing on candidate experience and leveraging modern recruitment tools, we help our clients identify critical areas for improvement that can enhance their hiring strategies. Our methodology includes steps such as:

Data collection:

We start by gathering comprehensive data through a combination of surveys, interviews, and feedback mechanisms.
In-depth analysis: Our team of experienced HR consultants and data analysts carefully analyzes the collected data to identify trends, pain points, and areas for improvement.

Customized recommendations:

We tailor our advice to your specific organization, considering your industry, size, and unique recruitment challenges.

Continuous improvement:

We work with you to implement our recommendations and continuously monitor the impact of these changes. This iterative approach ensures that your hiring strategies are constantly evolving and improving.

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Candidate Experience Studies Reveal

How recruiters find applicants

Are they using staffing agencies? How are those agencies representing the organization? Are they looking at college campuses? Job fairs? How does the recruiter represent the business? What messages are resonating with potential hires? How are the recruiters identifying top performers?

The success of the job postings

Is the employment listing worded properly to attract the right applicants? Does it reflect the company brand and mission?

Company’s unique value proposition

How well do you demonstrate what makes the company special? Are you highlighting those qualities in each job listing?

Appeal of the employment opportunities

Are the right benefits and salaries that will entice top performers being offered? Top candidates can afford to be selective.


Effectiveness of timing

Quick and desperate decisions lead to bad hires which cost employers in the long run. What is the pace of the hiring team? Too fast? Too slow?

Interview process effectiveness

Candidates are better prepared for interviews than ever before. What does the company to in the interview process that meets them at this level? Where does the company fall short?

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How Recruitment Studies Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

Investing in candidate experience studies and recruitment tools can help you solve various problems, including the following:

High Employee Turnover

We know that high employee turnover can be costly and disruptive to your organization. Our recruitment studies provide insight into the factors contributing to churn, enabling you to make targeted changes in your hiring process.

Key Talent Turnover

We understand that losing key talent can significantly impact your organization’s success. Through our intentional studies, we can help you identify areas where the candidate experience could be improved, leading to higher retention rates among top performers.

First Year Turnover

The first year of employment is fundamental for employee satisfaction and engagement. Recruitment studies can seal any gaps in the onboarding process that may contribute to high turnover within the first year.

Employee Disengagement

Employee disengagement can harm productivity and overall company performance. We can help you uncover areas in the hiring process that may contribute to employee disengagement, allowing you to make adjustments that enhance engagement and motivation.

Leadership and Career Development Concerns

Effective leadership and career development opportunities help attract and retain top talent. Our recruitment studies can offer an understanding of how candidates perceive the organization’s leadership capabilities and career advancement options, letting you make improvements that attract skilled professionals.

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What Sets Our Recruitment Studies Apart

Our recruitment studies stand out from others in the industry due to our unique Voice of the Employee results model. This approach combines qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to understand candidates’ experiences better. Our strategy focuses on the following four main drivers of engagement and retention:

Employee feedback on workplace drivers:

We gather feedback from candidates on various workplace drivers, such as company culture, leadership effectiveness, work-life balance, and career development opportunities.

Employee attitudes:

We analyze candidates’ attitudes towards the organization, including their level of satisfaction, engagement, commitment, and willingness to recommend the company as a great place to work.

Employee outcomes:

We assess the impact of candidates’ experiences on outcomes such as employee turnover, well-being, and performance.

Business Results:

We also examine the link between candidate experiences and business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, financial performance, and market share.

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Strategy with Work Institute

If you are ready to take your recruitment strategy to the next level, Work Institute can help you revolutionize how you attract, hire, and retain top talent. Our candidate experience studies, supported by cutting-edge recruitment tools and innovative analytics, will empower your organization to make data-driven decisions, reduce turnover, and enhance productivity. Together, we’ll build a workforce that drives your company’s success.