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Featured image for post: Voice of the Employee Lessons from Christmas Vacation

Voice of the Employee Lessons from Christmas Vacation

One of the most popular Christmas movies to date is Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. It is about an accident prone Clark Griswald, played by Chase, who goes to extreme efforts to guarantee a great Christmas for his large family…


It is also about the importance of collecting and understanding the Voice of the Employee.


Seriously, it is.


Throughout the movie, Griswald is talking and fantasizing about what he will do with his yearly Christmas bonus. Based on previous years’ bonus, he believes he will have enough money to finally install a pool in his backyard.


After being tortured daily with a job he hates, he finally receives his bonus. Unfortunately for Griswald it is for a one year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club which puts Griswald into a fit of rage.  So much so, that his wacky cousin Eddie kidnaps the boss on Christmas Eve so Griswald can give him a piece of his mind.


If only Griswald’s boss believed in collecting the Voice of the Employee tools throughout the organization he would have known what his employees expect and thus been able to understand their expectations and avoid the entire fiasco.


Voice of the Employee strategy


When organizations commit to the Voice of the Employee strategy, employees have the opportunity to share feedback at critical points in the employee life-cycle. It creates constant dialogue between the organization and its employees. We can all agree that open communication helps solves most issues inside an organization, and consistently generating the Voice of the Employee does just that.


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