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How to Reduce First-Year Employee Turnover

Companies across the US regularly face the issue of employees exiting the organization within the first year of employment. This is important because replacing an employee is an expensive practice that can be cured. Continue reading to learn the best way to reduce first-year employee turnover.


A recent study shows that 52% of employee turnover occurs within the first twelve months of employment. To help curtail these alarming first-year turnover rates, employers should regularly utilize Onboarding Studies with new hires.


Onboarding Studies deliver the valuable information on the expectations and experiences employees have when they first begin their tenure with the organization. The studies provide the insight that uncover the reasons employees decide to leave the company shortly after beginning.


The key insights that onboarding studies reveal are:

  • What causes new employees to leave or become disengaged within the first year of employment
  • What must be improved in the onboarding experience to better integrate employees and realize the benefits of the new employee’s contributions
  • The initial impressions of their supervisor


Not only do these insights show where the organization is falling short, but they also help shape practices the company can use to help keep employees engaged in their work.


Now is the time to start utilizing Onboarding Studies with new hires.


Roadmap to Reduce First-Year Employee Turnover


Employers have the opportunity and ability to research and learn why employees regularly leave their roles for new jobs.


The best way to retain employees for multiple years is to create a culture of feedback where employees are regularly asked about their experience and intentions at multiple stages of the employee lifecycle. The insight provided to the company by employees offers insight and shortcomings of the organization.


To create this culture of feedback, employers need to conduct these four steps to ensure they know exactly what employees are thinking:

  1. Onboarding Studies
  2. Stay Interviews
  3. Exit Interviews 
  4. Analysis


After conducting these four steps, employers not only have the insight, recommendations, and intents of the employees, but they also have the ability to create an action plan that helps them change specific issues in the workplace that cause employees to exit.


Employees are the best resource companies have to understand why first-year turnover is so high. If your organization wants to lower the employee turnover rate, all they have to do is ask employees why they would leave.