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How to Attract Top Talent by Leveraging Employee Recruitment Studies

Update December 22, 2023


From the time we’re old enough to talk we’re taught, in one way or another, how important first impressions are…how once that first impression is made you can never have another, and how hard it is to change someone’s initial opinion of you. The recruitment process at organizations can be the same way. Whether it is the hiring team’s impression of a potential employee or the impression the company makes on the recruit, first impressions count.


Why Hiring the Right Talent is Key to Success

Most content regarding the recruitment process is geared towards the potential employee, about how important it is for them to impress the organization. While that is important, the kind of impression the company makes on potential applicants can have an enormous impact on the organization’s bottom line. The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions. Take a second to think back on a handful of coworkers who no longer work with you. How many of them should have never been hired in the first place?


When 80% of employee turnover is contributed to poor hiring, it’s time to consider that the hiring process needs to be improved. So how do organizations do that?


How to Attract Top Talent & Hire the Right People

The best way to improve the hiring process is to look within and implement a recruitment study that asks recent recruits what they enjoyed about the hiring process and what parts of that process should be improved. When organizations conduct effective Recruitment Studies they have the ability to learn:


  • How job postings are performing
  • How the company’s unique value proposition is perceived
  • How appealing the employment opportunities are to applicants
  • How effecting the timing of the recruitment process is
  • How effective the organization is overall in the recruitment process


The points above are crucial for organizations in creating a great first impression for recruits as well as improving their hiring process. If potential employees have a negative outlook any of these aspects, it’s likely they will seek employment elsewhere, where the recruitment and hiring process is more attractive. You should also take a look at our Onboarding Studies.


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Recruitment Studies are an easy solution and give clear insights into why your organization may not be attracting and retaining the best fit employees. First impressions are important. Be the organization that puts in time and research to make sure recruits’ first impression of you is the best possible. Learn more about how Work Institute and our team of workforce experts can help you improve hiring, retention, and engagement. If your company could benefit from our services, contact us today.