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Manager Behavior specifically has been the #3 category for why employees leave their jobs in our 2018, 2019, and 2020 Retention Reports. Further than that, leaders within any organization are a linchpin to the overall employee experience. Unfortunately, for most organizations, with employee turnover being as high as it, there’s little, if any, time, effort or resources put into helping leaders grow in to their roles. Often you end up with a team of supervisors that range dramatically in their leadership skills.

How We Help

Our Custom Programs

We are uniquely poised to offer your organization the best options for learning and development solutions. We can provide specific courses for specific leaders in your organization to address topics that employees highlighted. We develop customized solutions for your supervisors based on the current state of your workforce and its long-term goals. We implement custom development and training to show your organization how to quickly improve behavior in critical areas of the organization.

Our Leadership Development programs are designed to produce positive behavioral changes within the organization and proven to achieve desired employee outcomes and business results.

In addition to our customized data-based development plans we offer two open enrollment courses focused on developing current or future leaders of your organization. Open enrollment courses are open to any organization and are held in the middle-Tennessee area.

Signature Executive Program

Open to high-potential individuals either in or headed to the C-Suite, this “for leaders, by leaders” education program was designed by leading business minds to develop the people and talent they need most at the organization. This program offers a unique and engaging means of transferring leadership expertise to the next generation of business leaders.

Emerging Leaders Program

This program prepares new and existing managers, or mid-level managers, to grow in their positions and careers. The program helps participants build a foundation for leadership success through the development of behavioral awareness and essential leadership skills.

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