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Hiring great talent starts with asking - and listening. Do you know what questions to ask to determine whether a candidate would be a great hire? Do you know what answers to listen for? Talent hiring strategies involve understanding what attracts the right talent. High-quality candidates respond to interview questions differently than lower-quality talent. In order to hire the best talent, you need specific hiring metrics to analyze candidate responses.



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Hiring the right talent involves understanding how people think and make their decisions. Doing so will allow you to determine who will excel in your workplace. After formulating a strong talent pool, it’s crucial to use a targeted approach to appeal to and hire those individuals with the top talent and specific skills you seek.


Talent is the most critical element to factor into hiring and developing employees for your long-term business strategy. Research has shown that resumes rarely tell the whole truth, and that biases often get in the way during personal interviews. Hiring great talent goes beyond education and knowledge - it predicts at the long-term success in a role and your company. After attracting, assessing and acquiring great talent, we help you interpret acquisition results and maximize your in-person interviews.

Although companies know the importance of making the right hiring decision, they still make easily avoidable mistakes. Using a regular recruitment study program identifies areas that need improvement in the recruitment process.

Acquire talent and hire strategically.

Work Institute studies and provides the information you need to know about your talent hiring process and programs. We give you the data you need to look closely at your hiring processes by understanding who did and didn’t get hired - and why.

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You're almost there! Use recruitment studies to make key improvements in your recruiting process to attract your exact job match!

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  • >The success of your interview process.

    What does your interview process involve? How well are you representing your business through the interview process? Are you asking the right questions? Are you listening for the right candidate responses?

  • >Your organization’s messaging and value proposition.

    Are you demonstrating what makes your company unique? Does your talent hiring process represent your company’s mission and values?

  • >The timeliness of your hiring team.

    How long does it take to hiring the right talent? Is your timing effective? Quick decisions often lead to bad hires, but stretching out the hiring process can be costly.

  • >The effectiveness of your hiring efforts.

    Are you prepared to ask the right question to make the right hire? Are you listening for the answers that indicate a higher level of talent? How are you maximizing your in-person interviews? Are you able to decipher a long-term hiring from a short-term fix?

  • >The quality of your hired talent.

    Does hiring talent feel like a game of chance? Stop guessing and start knowing.


Once you become a partner of Work Institute we assign you a Client Services representative. This person will be with you every step of the way – from identifying who needs to be interviewed, crafting the specific study questions, gathering and providing data analysis to building a change management plan to address specific issues and meet predefined business goals.

Your Client Services representative will become an integral part of your internal team by providing research, data, analysis and recommendations along the entire feedback cycle. Their entire focus is your company’s engagement and retention strategies. They find what isn’t working and get it working again saving your hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Once we get the interviews and surveys in place, your Client Services representative will work with you to summarize the major 3-4 trends in bullet form with the supporting raw data as a reference. We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to make key changes.

Our reporting system is designed to give access to whomever you deem necessary.  Sometimes all organizational leaders want and need to know the research. Sometimes it’s better to have one key internal person managing the process. Whatever the request, we will provide access at no additional charge.

We use our combined experience of close to 30 years in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve HR issues. For example, just by solving simple issues in recruitment results in hiring the right top talent for your open positions. Hiring the right top talent means reducing turnover significantly. This is what consulting with data can do for you.


Work Institute goes beyond giving you a simple interview questions, and offers the analytics and advice to advance the way you hire the best talent and high-performing employees. We provide the tools you need to ensure you’re hiring the right talent, for the right position, at the right time.

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