"For Leaders, By-Leaders" Executive Education

The comprehensive program focuses on the development of the senior business leader who is working to make their entry into the C-suite.

Open only to high potential individuals nominated by senior leadership in their organizations, this "for-leaders, by-leaders" executive education program was designed by leading business minds to develop the people and talent they most need to support the continued success of their organizations. The program offers a unique and engaging means of transferring leadership experience to the next generation of business leaders.


·       Designed to produce real, sustainable change in tomorrow's leaders; Includes 18 class days of executive education over a 14-month period

·       Retreat Week: 5 days of intense learning at the Monteagle Inn

·       Follow-Up Sessions: 6 two-day sessions featuring new learning, accountability progress reports, and executive panel discussions

Key learning topics include:

·       Handling difficult business conversations

·       Developing people in your organization

·       Coaching and being coached

·       Creating and delivering effective presentations

·       Developing effective listening skills

·       Work/life balance

·       Dealing with change

Establishes Accountability in Three Ways:

·       Every participant has a mentor in his/her organization who meets regularly with participant

·       Each participant has a peer coach in the class that he/she has scheduled conversations with regarding those things they have committed to

·       Each participant gives a progress report at each of the follow-up sessions to share how he/she has become a better executive


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  • Presenting Effectively: Recognize the need for and demonstrate a method of presentation that allows individuals to organize their thoughts and present them effectively and persuasively.
  • Handling Difficult Business Conversations: Develop the ability and courage to successfully plan and manage difficult business conversations, including diagnosing the challenge and moving from blame toward problem solving.
  • Developing Your Business’s Narrative: Learn to communicate complex business ideas and persuade others using business storytelling methodology, specifically, to incorporate a springboard story within a full presentation aimed at sparking action.
  • Understanding Your DISC: Identify the major elements of personality style and learn to enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Coaching and Being Coached: Learn to use internal, external and peer mentors to make positive and measurable improvements to an individual’s skills.
  • Living a Balanced Life: Recognize and develop the ability to use methods that enable individuals to live their best lives, including life balance, optimism and resilience.
  • Developing People in Your Organization: Develop an environment in which learning and growth are ongoing high priorities. 


  • Best Practices in Employment: Review the various employment laws which impact organizations and their day-to-day business, including updates and new laws and identify actions required to ensure compliance.
  • Selection/Hiring: Identify ways to attract, recruit and hire the best personnel available.
  • Effective Listening: Develop the most critical communication skill and make it an integral leadership tool.
  • Social Media: Learn to manage social media, from listening to what others are saying about your organization and knowing how to respond.
  • Dealing with Change: Learn to lead organizations through change by increasing everyone’s understanding of the change, including discussing the “un-discussable”.
  • Managing Across Generations: Understand how to motivate people of all age groups as well as how best to communicate between multiple generations in the workforce today.
  • Level 5 Leadership: Learn the characteristics that distinguish leaders of great companies from those of companies with good or acceptable, performance. 

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  • Sunday-Friday, April 7 - 12: Retreat

  • Wednesday-Thursday, June 5 - 6: Follow-up Session #1

  • Wednesday-Thursday, August 7 - 8: Follow-up Session #2

  • Wednesday-Thursday, October 2 - 3: Follow-up Session #3

  • Wednesday-Thursday, December 4 - 5: Follow-up Session #4


  • Wednesday-Thursday, February 5 - 6: Follow-up Session #5

  • Wednesday-Thursday, April 1 - 2: Follow-up Session & Graduation

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