Voluntary Turnover Returns as COVID Recedes

Businesswoman with protective face mask quits job due to limiting workplaces in office, during Covid-19

The latest voluntary quit (turnover) rate shows nearly twice the amount of employees quit their jobs in July 2020 than those who quit in April 2020. Even during a global pandemic, a historic recession (hopefully on a short one), high unemployment, and general fear and restlessness, U.S. workers still control the job market. Yes, that… Continue reading Voluntary Turnover Returns as COVID Recedes

Employer or Employee-In-Control Marketplace

Business woman study financial market to calculate possible risks and profits.Female economist accounting money with statistics graphs pointing on screen of computer at desktop. Quotations on exchange

The job market economics are clear. Regardless of the COVID distraction of the last several months, the escalating competition for workers and a shrinking talent pool will (again) likely come together, intensifying an employee-in-control marketplace. The need for trained and talented workers is likely to grow faster than their availability, again. A decrease in unemployment,… Continue reading Employer or Employee-In-Control Marketplace

The Employment Relationship and the Power of Choice

Large group of unrecognizable business people waiting for a job interview. Focus is on man with blue clipboard.

Power in the employment relationship is an interesting concept and I have never actually discussed the matter using that term. We typically talk about the employment relationship in terms of who has control, but it is easy enough to translate control into the word power. For nearly a decade following the 2008 recession, unemployment was… Continue reading The Employment Relationship and the Power of Choice