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Stay Interviews: Encourage Top Performers To Stick Around

Six out of every ten employees are currently job hunting.  Rather than wait until your employees leave to realize there are issues – interview your high performers NOW and OFTEN about their relationship with the company and what possible workplace issues should be addressed. So they STAY.

Your employees will likely never tell you if -- or why -- they’re thinking about leaving. Companies are in a constant state of change. Are you creating great employee experiences at your company? Are your employees already looking for their next job? You have the power to ASK them about their employee experience by using Stay Interviews.



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Stay Interviews are designed to get specific information by asking the right questions of your high performing employees. These interviews will bring to light their individual challenges and offer you an opportunity to make the necessary changes at your company so that these employees stay for the long-term.

Stay interviews offer you a chance to find out the reasons each employee is, and wants to be, productive at your organization. Having a regular Stay Interview program demonstrates to your employees how much you value them because you’re careful to ask and listen to why they are still with your company.

A detailed Stay Interview plan will give you the valuable insight into the goldmine of information available you can use to reduce turnover of your high performing employees and save tens of thousands to millions on internal costs, not to mention helping them stay motivated, stay engaged, and stay productive.


Companies everywhere know first-hand that productive employees mean higher profits, stock value and create customer brand loyalty. By reaching out to your high producers and asking for regular feedback on individual motivators you can continue this trend and build upon it with the information you receive.

Stay Interviews allow companies to engage and support their employees as individuals – creating a ripple effect of benefits to the entire workforce and beyond. Engaging ONE affects ALL and Stay Interviews provide the details to how to make that happen.

Your top employees are building the kind of customer loyalty that will drive revenue and profit – use Stay Interviews to keep them motivated and engaged. 

Your employees will likely never tell you if -- or why -- they’re thinking about leaving

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  • >If your modes of motivation are working.

    Money is a strong motivator for one, but childcare may be a motivator for another. Just relying on one method of encouragement for your diverse employees means higher turnover.

  • >Employee intentions.

    What do your employees feel about staying with their job for the long term? Determining the intentions of your staff can be a big indicator of a rise or a fall in turnover.

  • >Why employees are thinking of staying or leaving.

    Knowing why is precisely what companies need to know and are not asking. The reasons why are the catalyst for change.

  • >What other factors are influence your employees.

    Top performers are great at detailing what needs to change for them to be more productive.

  • >Employee outlook on personal growth.

    Do they see opportunities for advancement? An employee that feels as if a company will invest in their growth will invest in that company.

  • >Employee attitudes regarding feedback.

    Do they see changes made from their specific input? What worked? What didn’t? A company that only asks but doesn’t change creates an employee who feels devalued.

  • The Process
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Consulting

Once you become a partner of the Work Institute we assign you a Client Services representative. This person will be with you every step of the way – from identifying who needs to be interviewed, crafting the specific study questions, gathering and providing data analysis to building a change management plan to address specific issues and meet predefined business goals.

Your Client Services representative will become an integral part of your internal team by providing research, data, analysis and recommendations along the entire feedback cycle. Their entire focus is your company’s engagement and retention strategies. They find what isn’t working and get it working again saving your hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Once we get the interviews and surveys in place, your Client Services representative will work with you to summarize the major 3-4 trends in bullet form with the supporting raw data as a reference. We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to make key changes.

Our reporting system is designed to give access to whomever you deem necessary.  Sometimes all organizational leaders want and need to know the research. Sometimes it’s better to have one key internal person managing the process. Whatever the request, we will provide access at no additional charge.

We use our combined experience of close to 30 years in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve HR issues. For example, just by solving simple issues in recruitment results in hiring the right top talent for your open positions. Hiring the right top talent means reducing turnover significantly. This is what consulting with data can do for you.


The Work Institute offers a complete solution to engagement and retention. Routine research and analysis into the motivations of top performers can reinforce their job satisfaction and efforts to stay and stay productive.  But should they decide it’s time to go, it pays to understand the reasons employees reach this ultimate decision, and ideally make changes to avoid a repeat occurrence or additional departures.

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  • "Without conducting our stay interviews with the Work Institute, we could have lost some key people within our company. We are so grateful that we were able to learn what employees were thinking, so we could address their problems and stop them from wanting to leave."