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Onboarding is the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders.  Done well, onboarding translates directly to greater employee productivity.

A recent Aberdeen survey showed that 83% of high-performing companies begin their onboarding process before an employee’s first day.

Companies that prepare ahead of time for new employees recognize the value in an organized, well thought out onboarding process.  And given that employees who have a great experience in the first 90 days are 10 times more likely to stay for a long time than those with a poor experience those first few weeks are crucial.


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Learn more about the importance of Onboarding in this Bloomberg News article: Good Onboarding Process Creates Engaged Workers featuring Work Institute's President Danny Nelms.



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With an Onboarding Study we analyze the process from start to finish: evaluating what happens before the first day, first day program planning, mission, vision and goals communication strategies, job expectation and goal dialogue, culture integration and newcomer-to-coworker and supervisor assimilation.

This type of analysis identifies major areas for improvement in the onboarding process and is imperative to creating a lasting, positive employee experience.

An Onboarding Study is a vital part of an overall employment engagement strategy and can mean the difference in a productive, passionate employee and a bored, disengaged lonely one. In a recent study by Gallup, “Actively Disengaged employees aren't just unhappy at work; they're busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish.”

You can avoid the creation of a disengaged employee and begin a career at your company the best way by using a regular Onboarding Study program.


Considering that 1 in 25 people leave a new job just because of a poor (or no) onboarding program – companies are losing thousands upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting and hiring costs.  An Onboarding Study program is a critical part of employee engagement and retention and can be the difference between an employee that leaves and one that stays.

While companies may recognize the importance of a proper onboarding experience, they often fall flat when it comes to providing a truly valuable experience throughout the first 90 days. Using a regular Onboarding Study program identifies areas that need improvement in the onboarding process.

83% of high-performing companies begin their onboarding process before an employee’s first day

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  • >What your onboarding program really looks like.

    When does your onboarding program begin?  Onboarding begins the second the person goes from potential hire to employee.

  • >If your onboarding program is well structured.

    Is there a well thought out onboarding process?  What is it? According to a recent study, when employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years.

  • >Amount of team and supervisor support.

    Are support levels high from the team and leaders? New hires with supervisor support during onboarding show more positive attitudes about their job.

  • >Training depth and comprehensiveness.

    What types of training are you using? In addition to company policies, facility tours and departmental introductions - training should cover key programs, best practices, technologies and equipment - with clearly stated goals.

  • >Follow-up feedback consistency.

    What happens after the first day? A key part of the employee onboarding process is early follow-up. Meeting at regular intervals to discuss overall job experience is a way to continue a positive onboarding experience.

  • >Long-term communication effectiveness.

    What happens after the first 30 days? 90? It’s important to remember that onboarding isn’t just the first day or week. What strategies do you have in place to check-in and monitor employee productivity and connection to the mission and values of your company?

  • The Process
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Consulting

Once you become a partner of the Work Institute we assign you a Client Services representative. This person will be with you every step of the way – from identifying who needs to be interviewed, crafting the specific study questions, gathering and providing data analysis to building a change management plan to address specific issues and meet predefined business goals.

Your Client Services representative will become an integral part of your internal team by providing research, data, analysis and recommendations along the entire feedback cycle. Their entire focus is your company’s engagement and retention strategies. They find what isn’t working and get it working again saving your hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Once we get the interviews and surveys in place, your Client Services representative will work with you to summarize the major 3-4 trends in bullet form with the supporting raw data as a reference. We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to make key changes.

Our reporting system is designed to give access to whomever you deem necessary.  Sometimes all organizational leaders want and need to know the research. Sometimes it’s better to have one key internal person managing the process. Whatever the request, we will provide access at no additional charge.

We use our combined experience of close to 30 years in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve HR issues. For example, just by solving simple issues in recruitment results in hiring the right top talent for your open positions. Hiring the right top talent means reducing turnover significantly. This is what consulting with data can do for you.


The Work Institute offers a complete solution to engagement and retention. You’ve used strategies to attract top talent and hire them. You’ve created and implemented a stellar onboarding program to welcome them and make them feel valued and appreciated. Now it is vital to routinely monitor engagement in order to understand employee feelings about their position, their work, supervisors and peers, department culture and overall connection to the company mission and brand.

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  • "After partnering with The Work Institute, we have seen significant improvements in the initial engagement of our employees. We were able to find out exactly why our orientation process was not as effective as it could be. After addressing these areas of concern, employees have commended our thorough onboarding process for providing a smooth transition to the company and their position."