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Exit Interviews: Know Why They Leave

Every company loses employees. But successful organizations understand WHY and constantly make improvement efforts to retain their best employees.

Did you know that employees' reasons for leaving are dramatically changing? Do you want to know what is affecting employee retention in your organization? Do you know what is changing in your company?

Using an Exit Interview program your company can get the answers questions like these, understand your ever-changing workforce and transform departing employees into valuable company improvement consultants.



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Often used by many companies as the ONLY way to understand employee motivations, the Exit Interview is a powerful tool that provides invaluable information about the reasons a person leaves.

Many times company leaders believe they already know the answers and often point to compensation as the reason they believe an employee has left. The truth is – when an Exit Interview is not handled correctly – more than 40% of employees will give a false answer.

Executives frequently discover that what they thought they knew as the reasons for leaving were, turns out to be inaccurate.  Compensation may be on the list, but it is rarely number 1. Employees leave for a myriad of issues, and an Exit Interview can pinpoint what those issues are, why those issues matter and how to make changes for success.


At the Work Institute, we don’t believe you just need an Exit Interview strategy. We believe you need OUR Exit Interview strategy.

There is a RIGHT way to conduct Exit Interviews. Our approach to Exit Interviews rivals none in our industry. We have a 65% response rate with our Exit Interview program because of our specific planning process and ‘why’ methodology that uses interviewers, not surveys, and takes into account the timing of the interview which always occurs two weeks after an employee departs.

Using our plan for understanding the specific issues that caused an employee to quit will provide your company with valuable information on the ins and outs of your organization that you need to know.

Right now, 80% of employees who are dissatisfied with their supervisors are planning their exit. Do you truly know the reputation of your key supervisors? Not using our Exit Interview strategy can result in dismal retention rates and aggressive turnover numbers resulting in thousands to millions in costs.

Your company can and should avoid these unnecessary costs. And using the Work Institute’s Exit Interview strategy will reduce those internal costs, improve retention and positively affect your profitability. 

80% of employees dissatisfied with their supervisors are disengaged, and likely planning their exit

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  • >The benefits for conducting the Exit Interview the right way.

    Most companies come to us having tried a basic survey given online to an employee right before they leave or maybe an internal person conducts the interview. We have found these to be some of the worst ways to get accurate information on the exit. Our process of using unbiased, trained interviewers and our “why” methodology will get you the most truthful responses and the best data you need to make changes and lower turnover.

  • >The connection between the job they had and they job they wanted.

    Contrary to popular belief, employees leave a company for reasons other than just compensation. An employee who isn’t clear on what the job was or is becomes disengaged quickly.

  • >True thoughts and feelings about their supervisor.

    The supervisor is a key reason that a person will stay or leave a company. It’s imperative for you to understand how a leaving employee would rate their boss – but even MORE imperative for you to find out WHY.

  • >Success of your training and support of your staff.

    Employees feel empowered and engaged when their company invest in them. A company who isn’t providing tools for growth is one with high turnover.

  • >The real reasons your employee is leaving – and how to encourage them to stay.

    Most of the reasons a disengaged employee exits are in your control. When you use Exit Interviews and uncover why you have turnover, you can use this information make simple, cost effective changes to management training, internal communication, the workplace itself, and company culture.

  • >Your effectiveness in the hiring process.

    High turnover, or the loss of top performers could point to hiring inefficiencies, or simply making poor hiring decisions. Did you you hire the wrong person in the first place? Were you in a hurry to fill a void? Did supervisors and/or HR properly vet the employee's skillset, station in life, temperment, and aptitude for the position hired?

  • The Process
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Consulting

Once you become a partner of the Work Institute we assign you a Client Services representative. This person will be with you every step of the way – from identifying who needs to be interviewed, crafting the specific study questions, gathering and providing data analysis to building a change management plan to address specific issues and meet predefined business goals.

Your Client Services representative will become an integral part of your internal team by providing research, data, analysis and recommendations along the entire feedback cycle. Their entire focus is your company’s engagement and retention strategies. They find what isn’t working and get it working again saving your hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Once we get the interviews and surveys in place, your Client Services representative will work with you to summarize the major 3-4 trends in bullet form with the supporting raw data as a reference. We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to make key changes.

Our reporting system is designed to give access to whomever you deem necessary.  Sometimes all organizational leaders want and need to know the research. Sometimes it’s better to have one key internal person managing the process. Whatever the request, we will provide access at no additional charge.

We use our combined experience of close to 30 years in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve HR issues. For example, just by solving simple issues in recruitment results in hiring the right top talent for your open positions. Hiring the right top talent means reducing turnover significantly. This is what consulting with data can do for you.


The Work Institute offers a complete solution to engagement and retention. You work hard to recruit the right talent, effectively onboard them, engage them and understand their motivations and connection to your business. Are you doing all you can from a Human Resources perspective to mitigate risk, ensure ethical behavior and a healthy culture of feedback?

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  • "While we previously conducted exit interviews internally, it was not until our collaboration with the Work Institute that we learned it is the “why” information that makes all the difference. This deep understanding of the real issues has allowed us to reduce our turnover drastically and save hundreds of thousands of dollars."