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It’s proven fact, as organizations increase the number of opportunities for employees to utilize their voice, engagement increases, retention climbs and turnover drops. Understanding this connection, the voice of employee concept has become increasingly important to organizations as they seek to capture feedback more frequently from employees and take action on that feedback to drive outcomes. With this, many organizations are beginning to include pulse surveys in their voice of employee strate...
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Human resources professionals dream scream about it this time of year – open enrollment. Nearly every HR department conducts open enrollment for 2018 benefits in the fourth quarter, and nearly every HR professional dreads the open enrollment process all year long. Intensifying the matter, today’s healthcare environment has created more tasks for HR teams and more confusion for employees. The good news is that you can work together to make the process less dreadful for everyone.
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The American Psychological Association (APA) Center for Organizational Excellence released results of the “2017 Job Skills Training and Career Development Survey” last week, and the major finding is clear - lack of manager support for career development drives retention. And, we agree.
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Employee survey ratings, scores and external benchmarks are popular yet flawed methods for identifying the specific actions that will cause improvements to retention, whereas following a ratings-reasons approach based on internal standards will yield the most accurate and actionable information.
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Employee engagement is a constantly changing state of mind for each individual employee. Organizations must measure the workplace conditions that shape the individual employee perceptions and create workplace conditions where employee engagement is most likely to happen.
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Tesla, recently terminated approximately 700 employees according to multiple reports. The organization claims the terminations were all performance-based, while those dismissed allege performance had nothing to do with it. How are current Tesla employees feeling amid this change?
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Professionalism is essential for individuals to successfully develop in the workplace and for your organization to effectively grow, as professional skills are linked to career progress and career setbacks for employees. Consider this – 48% of hiring managers feel that most new employees do not exhibit professionalism in their first year on the job, and 36% feel that the problem is growing. The facts are clear. Workers entering the workforce can succeed and stand out from the crowd by acquiring...
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Unemployment Rate Drops, Quit Rate Jumps and Job Openings Surge Intensifying an already competitive labor market, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2 percent in September, a sixteen-year low, the government reported Friday. The quit rate jumped to 2.5 percent, a ten-year high, and job openings surged 7 percent over prior month, further fueling the battle to hire and retain workers. The September Jobs Report revealed that the number job seekers decreased, employee turnover increased and avail...
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The concept of employee engagement is widely debated. Business leaders, academics and human research consultants recognize that engagement is pivotal to organizational performance and rush to measure it in the workplace. Be warned - many practitioners fall victim to flawed assumptions about engagement in a mad dash for a simple score or other measurement of the concept. Below, we debunk a few common myths about employee engagement that often lead practitioners to failure.
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Human resources leaders eagerly seek best practices and invest resources to improve onboarding programs for new employees – for good reason. However, nearly half, 45% of HR departments believe that they are investing in ineffective onboarding processes.1 Read the facts below to learn why effective employee onboarding is critical for achieving desired business outcomes.
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