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How do you establish stronger trust between your organization and your employees? You have to show your employees their opinions are valuable and worthwhile to the organization.
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The Best Way to Engage Employees

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As more and more employers understand how to engage and analyze the employee at each stage of his or her lifecycle more and more employers will realize how this valuable data and engagement can significantly impact the bottom line.
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In a bid to get more applicants for open positions, Chipotle is planning to hire 4,000 workers in one day on September 9th. Their mission is to create a great opportunity to create a stronger workforce today, but also for the future.
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In order to move your company culture forward, you need to implement a workforce research initiative with not only quantitative (ranking) questions, but need to also add in some qualitative follow up questions. For example, when someone rates the question about how much they enjoy working for Amazon with a “not at all,” you need to follow up with asking them why they chose that. That way, there is actionable data giving you a roadmap to the issues at hand.
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How to Make HR an Organizational Force

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HR departments are being relied upon to answer questions regarding turnover expenses and hiring expenses with great detail and explanation – in other words DATA.
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Annual Engagement Surveys Are Not Working

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some companies are realizing that it’s time to step into 2015 and update their employee engagement methods. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Jon Williams recently said to the Australian Financial Review that annual employee engagement surveys are out of date and inapplicable for organizations
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A Letter to Jeff Bezos. We Want to Help

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There is one way to really know how your employees are feeling. Let Work Institute come do what we do best: interview and research, gather data, and report it in meaningful ways – and offer next steps consulting to make your company one of the best places to work.
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The Secret to Increasing Your Revenue

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According to the largest-ever studies of talent trends and readiness around the world: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the New World of Work. “The #1 issue companies now face is employee engagement, retention, and culture.”
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The Employment Trend Index is Rising

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The Wall Street posted an article this week about the Employment Trends Index being on the rise. The Employment Trends Index is a compilation of U.S. job-market indicators the Labor Department follows to understand the labor market in our country.
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By now you have probably heard of Gravity Payments and their CEO Dan Price. Gravity Payments is a credit card processing firm based out of Seattle where Mr. Price recently implemented a policy granting every employee, regardless of experience or job title, a salary of $70,000.
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