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A Strong Economy Fuels Job Growth, Consumer Confidence & Turnover Headlines of employee layoffs, corporate downsizing and long unemployment lines are distant memories for most American workers, as doubt and uncertainty have been replaced with optimism and confidence in the job market.
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One in Four Workers Will Quit This Year

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In the wake of consistent economic growth, employees have seized available opportunities resulting in a surge of voluntary turnover that’s challenging employers – and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
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It’s true, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet, many organizations don’t put their best foot forward when onboarding new employees. Moreover, many organizations are in the dark and don’t understand how they can better influence new employees in way that encourages them to stay longer.
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The price of a Big Mac made headlines last week as McDonald’s cited the tight labor market as a chief contributor to the chain’s menu price increases. The quick service giant broke the news a few days ahead of the February BLS Jobs Report, released last Friday, which showed a 2.9% growth in wages over the prior year, and the news quickly spun up headlines warning consumers “That Big Mac may cost more thanks to the tight labor market."
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It’s a fact, to learn the real reasons employees leave, and make decisions on the truth as employees perceive it, organizations must ask employees why they left in a way that brings out the truth. When used effectively, exit interviews do reveal the true causes of employee turnover and inform targeted strategies to improve employee retention.
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While I understand the words stay and exit are indeed opposite in meaning, when applied to employee interviews they are simply not opposites. Further complicating the matter, stay interviews can be defined as either internal stay interviews or as external stay interviews, each of which has an effective use as part of an engagement and retention strategy.
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The December jobs report showed that the economy entered the year with positive momentum for continued growth and that employers entered the year with mounting challenges to fill jobs. The unemployment rate remained at 4.1%, the labor force participation rate was stagnant at 62.7% and the job openings rate held at 3.9%, which signal that the number of workers is stagnant while the number of jobs grow. With this, workers know that they have options, as the quit rate remained close to a record-hig...
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As we ring in a new year, many of us will reflect on the year that passed and take stock of our lives. A new year marks a new start, and with it often spurs resolutions to improve ourselves. Whether it’s to lose weight, eat healthier, make better financial decisions or give up bad habits, the majority of us aim to better our lives.1 Most New Year's resolutions involve goals to improve our health or happiness, and one of the most popular resolutions is to find a better job.
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Ethics in the workplace is defined as the moral code that guides the behavior of employees with respect to what is right and wrong, and to what is good and bad, in regard to conduct and decision making. Ethical decision making in the workplace takes into account the individual employee’s best interest and also takes into account the best interest of those impacted.
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The first stage of employment is new hire onboarding, and it is vital for the employee, as it sets the stage for his or her employment with the company, and it’s proven that effective onboarding leads to increased engagement and retention.
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