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More than one in three workers will voluntarily quit their jobs each year by 2023.
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Do not assume that just throwing more money at employees will help retain them.
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Workplace conditions that drive employee retention are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It does not matter what industry benchmarks say about retaining employees because each organization is unique, and their retention efforts should be too. Each company has their own history, their own culture, and of course their own individual people.
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Pulse Surveys and the Growing Job Market

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Because it is highly unlikely that an employee will reach out to the organization to let their superiors know they are searching for a new job, it is imperative for the organization to be proactive in seeking feedback from their workforce to know who is thinking of leaving, when they plan on leaving, and what the organization could do to prolong their employment.
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As the job market consistently breaks records by adding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, the unemployment rate continually drops, and the employee quit rate skyrockets, organizations are feeling the vital importance of retaining their current employees. The competition for employees is fierce and at levels the US economy has not seen before. Because of this, the necessity for employers to utilize the highest quality of Exit Interviews has never been greater.
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Good news, everyone! The job market continues to grow with significant upward trends across most industries notable increases in construction, professional and technical services, and manufacturing. Jobs have been added each month this year, and unemployment has ticked down further and further, reaching 3.8% in May 2018. The bad news: research shows that both employees who are dissatisfied with their current job and those employed but searching for a new job are more likely to quit as the avai...
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Career Development accounts for 21% of all reasons employees left their jobs in 2017, marking the eighth-consecutive year this category has led reasons for turnover, according to the 2018 Retention Report: Truth & Trends in Turnover. As the economy expanded, employees’ fears of layoffs gave way to the desire to grow and advance one’s career in an attractive job and a more preferred workplace.
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Whether you need workers to run a cash register, a construction site or a hospital unit, your job as an HR leader will be increasingly difficult based upon the jobs report and seasonal turnover trends. Competition to fill jobs continues to heat up as the demand for workers continues to outpace the supply of workers, and the heat will rise as turnover traditionally increases in the summer months.
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Uncovering the Truth About Employee Turnover

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With employees leaving their jobs at record levels, turnover is an increasingly expensive problem. As the problem has grown, researchers, thought leaders and journalists have published many theories about what drives turnover to provide guidance on how to stop it. The problem is that most of these studies do not identify the real reasons why people are leaving and what organizations can do about it. 
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Economists are puzzled that wages have barely increased as unemployment has plummeted. Average hourly earnings have only increased by 2.6% over the last twelve months, only slightly above the level of inflation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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