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Do not assume that just throwing more money at employees will help retain them.
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Workplace conditions that drive employee retention are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It does not matter what industry benchmarks say about retaining employees because each organization is unique, and their retention efforts should be too. Each company has their own history, their own culture, and of course their own individual people.
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Pulse Surveys and the Growing Job Market

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Because it is highly unlikely that an employee will reach out to the organization to let their superiors know they are searching for a new job, it is imperative for the organization to be proactive in seeking feedback from their workforce to know who is thinking of leaving, when they plan on leaving, and what the organization could do to prolong their employment.
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As the job market consistently breaks records by adding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, the unemployment rate continually drops, and the employee quit rate skyrockets, organizations are feeling the vital importance of retaining their current employees. The competition for employees is fierce and at levels the US economy has not seen before. Because of this, the necessity for employers to utilize the highest quality of Exit Interviews has never been greater.
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Uncovering the Truth About Employee Turnover

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With employees leaving their jobs at record levels, turnover is an increasingly expensive problem. As the problem has grown, researchers, thought leaders and journalists have published many theories about what drives turnover to provide guidance on how to stop it. The problem is that most of these studies do not identify the real reasons why people are leaving and what organizations can do about it. 
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It is the time of year when we take a break from work, spend time with loved ones and express gratitude over a Thanksgiving meal. If your meal is like most, the conversation around the turkey will turn to your job, how you feel about your role and how you feel about your employer. Some will complain, some will give a lukewarm response, and a few may gush with appreciation for their employer and job.
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The American Psychological Association (APA) Center for Organizational Excellence released results of the “2017 Job Skills Training and Career Development Survey” last week, and the major finding is clear - lack of manager support for career development drives retention. And, we agree.
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Employee engagement is a constantly changing state of mind for each individual employee. Organizations must measure the workplace conditions that shape the individual employee perceptions and create workplace conditions where employee engagement is most likely to happen.
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Tesla, recently terminated approximately 700 employees according to multiple reports. The organization claims the terminations were all performance-based, while those dismissed allege performance had nothing to do with it. How are current Tesla employees feeling amid this change?
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Businesses plan to keep budgets for raises flat in 2018 and invest more funds into performance-based compensation plans, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Citing research from AON Hewitt, businesses are making these shifts due to uncertainty about business performance in the coming year. Human resources professionals at these companies will likely be charged with addressing impacts to employee perceptions and behaviors as a result of this decision – but how do you prepare for t...
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