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Pulse Surveys and the Growing Job Market

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The most recent Jobs Report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed continued job growth in the health care, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and warehousing industries. Regular and constant job growth has been occurring for a handful of years now and human resource departments have been worried about retaining their employees the entire time.

When job growth steadily rises, employees have more and more opportunities and power in deciding where they work. When employees have the power in deciding where they work, human resource departments feel the pressure to retain their current workforce.

Because it is highly unlikely that an employee will reach out to the organization to let their superiors know they are searching for a new job, it is imperative for the organization to be proactive in seeking feedback from their workforce to know who is thinking of leaving, when they plan on leaving, and what the organization could do to prolong their employment.

These are three quick questions that each employee likely already knows the answer to and would be willing to share with the organization. These quick feedback techniques are called Pulse Surveys and they are designed to provide timely feedback that are easy to respond to and simple to report on. Because of their simplicity they generate higher response rates among employees, thus giving the organization more data to make evidence-based decisions.

The benefits of these Pulse Surveys include:

  • Improved employee outcomes
  • Accurate view of the employee experience
  • Ability to identify trends in workplace conditions and changes in employee perceptions

Before your organization experiences high employee turnover due to the current job market, actively pursue feedback through Pulse Surveys from the workforce to understand what can be done to help retain them. Not only will there be a high response rate, but the employees will also be honest and open with their opinions. After analyzing the trends of your workforce, you will be able to make the changes necessary to boost your employee retention.

This job market does not mean your company has to experience high turnover. There are options available and the proactive company will be able to reap the rewards of the highly retained and engaged workforce.

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