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T-Mobile and AT&T Adding Hundreds of Jobs: Need to Focus on Retention

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T-Mobile and AT&T are adding hundreds of jobs - matching a trend that many organizations throughout the United States have implemented due to the strong economy as well as the ever-changing characteristics of their industry.

T-Mobile VP of Retail, Kenya Dunn said that T-Mobile is “creating a new in-store experience for our customers that includes demos on devices and other options. As the industry continues to evolve, we’re providing a new experience.” In addition to Dunn's comments, AT&T President Paul La Schiazza said that “we don’t want to continue spending money on old technology when that money can be used for a more modern network and what consumers want.”

This is great news for the cellular companies and obviously for the individuals who are lucky enough to get the new jobs. The creation and filling of these new jobs also creates a potential dilemma for the Human Resources department of each organization. Studies have shown that the telecommunication industry suffers a quit rate of 82% in a four-year span.

Adding to that, first-year employee turnover represents over one third of all employee turnover. This means that both AT&T and T-Mobile need to be confident in their hiring process so they can avoid the high costs of replacing an employee.

In order to be confident these new hires are employees for more than four years, they must implement a process for employees to give feedback on their expectations and intents within the organization. These feedback techniques include reaching out to all employees throughout each stage of the employment lifecycle. When organizations understand the feelings, intents, and expectations of employees, they will be confident in knowing what should be done to retain their workforce.

If AT&T and T-Mobile are both doing their due-diligence on retaining employees, they will not have to spend money on replacing employees and will be able to give a more modern work experience full of engagement, which is what employees want. 

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