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The Importance of New-Hire Feedback: Do I Stay or Do I Go?

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When reporting to a new job, newly hired employees often experience a burst of excitement and butterflies, like that of a child on the first day of a new school year. Amidst this nervous energy, acclimating to a new workplace, manager, team and job, most new employees make the decision to stay or leave (which was not an option as a youngster). It’s a fact that most new employees, more than 80%, decide to stay or leave within the first six months, making the recruiting and onboarding stages of the employee lifecycle essential to employee retention.  

It’s important to completely assess the current and on-going state of your recruiting and onboarding processes to optimize their eff­ectiveness, increase productivity and retention. The best way to assess these processes is to solicit truthful, data-driven feedback that provides deep insights about your organization.

This data-drive feedback is typically uncovered in Recruitment Interviews and Onboarding Interviews, which are outlined below.

Recruitment Interviews provide data to tell you how to optimize your recruitment process, identify the positive and negative aspects of your process for applicants and prioritize what improvements are most important. Effective recruitment interviews tell you:

  • How your job postings are performing
  • How your company’s unique value proposition is perceived
  • How appealing your employment opportunities are to applicants
  • How e­ffective your timing is in the recruitment process
  • How e­ffective overall your organization is in the hiring process

Onboarding Interviews provide data to tell you how to optimize your onboarding process, identify the strengths and opportunities in the onboarding process and prioritize appropriate steps to improve new hire engagement and retention. Effective onboarding interviews tell you:

  • Why employees are at risk of turnover in the fi­rst year
  • Why new employees become disengaged quickly
  • What must be improved in the onboarding experience
  • What employees expected in the job compared to the on-job experience
  • What support new hires receive from the company
  • What are employees’ initial impressions of supervisors

New hires are familiarizing themselves with your organization and deciding whether they want to stay or leave, at the same time. Don’t wait for them to raise their hand and offer up feedback as we did when we were school-aged children. Ask them for feedback, in an effective way, to improve your processes and turn them into long-term employees.

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