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The Employee Voice Must Be Heard

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Let’s be clear – employers are not in control of the employment relationship. Briskly turning pages as I re-read The Why Factor – Winning with Workforce Intelligence, I again stopped and quietly exclaimed “Yes!”, at the section boldly labeled “Employees Are in Control.” It’s shocking, considering that many companies continue to ignore the shift from an employer to an employee controlled workforce and continually struggle with employee retention and the high costs of employee turnover.

Employees today are no longer loyal to or reliant upon one employer for the lifetime of their career. Employees have taken control of their career in recent decades, seeking opportunities elsewhere for jobs that align with their preferences and expectations. As our economy continues to experience low unemployment and increased job growth, this makes changing jobs much easier.

This willingness of employees to change jobs for employers that better meet their needs makes it critical that companies know their employees and respect their preferences and expectations. To quote further from The Why Factor – Winning with Workforce Intelligence:

Employees have a voice that must be heard. Unless you respect that voice, they will leave.

  •        To keep employees, maximize them.
  •        To maximize employees, listen to them.
  •        To listen to employees, hear them.
  •        To hear employees, care enough to believe they have much to offer.

It’s time companies recognize that yes, employees are in control of the employer relationship, employees are aware of the perfect storm that exist of low unemployment and a high number of job openings, and employees are leaving companies that do not respect their voice and preferences to join companies that do. If you aren't asking your employees for feedback, you must start now. 

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