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Nurses at the Tufts Medical Center, in Boston, recently spoke out about their working conditions in the form of a one-day strike, specifically protesting general treatment, compensation and patient-safety. If this feedback isn’t enough for Tufts to take action, the nurses’ picket line has provoked the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) to publicly weigh in with their opinions.
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Defining Employee Stay Interviews

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Stay Interviews are one-on-one interviews conducted with current employees by an outside party to understand the employees’ intent to stay or leave the organization, and why. When conducted in this manner, Stay Interview data is systematically collected and may be used to predict and prevent turnover amongst targeted employee segments within an organization.
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Predictive analytics unlocks another capability of research data using characteristics of employees, their perceptions and other information to predict the likelihood of future behavior - or predict the likelihood that they will quit. When applied to Stay Interview data, that reveals the root causes for intents, predictive analytics can tell you even more about the likelihood of turnover at the employee-level and how to prevent it.
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The nation’s leading manufacturing executives gathered in Washington D.C. last week for the Manufacturing Workforce Symposium, a one-day conference led by the Manufacturing Institute, to discuss critical workforce issues challenging the growth of manufacturing in the United States.
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5 Musts for Conducting Exit Interviews

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Under normal marketplace conditions, it’s important for organizations to conduct exit interviews with former employees as a step to reduce turnover, increase retention and protect profits. In an employee-in-control marketplace, where approximately 3 in 4 reasons for turnover could have been prevented by the organization, it becomes critical for organizations to conduct exit interviews in the most effective manner.
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In 2011, Google launched an initiative to research what components create the perfect team at work and called it the Aristotle Project. Google’s leaders believed that in order to create the best team, an organization just needed to combine their best employees, but they wanted to know through research what aspects were needed to create the best, most productive team.
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5 Popular Blogs of 2017

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From exit interviews, to first year employee turnover, to employee retention, to the cost of employee turnover, and all the way to Adele's Grammy performance, our most popular blogs in 2017 have covered quite a bit.
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Employee turnover is an expensive problem for organizations in today’s marketplace, and according to the latest jobs report the problem of employee turnover is not letting up.1,7 With these marketplace conditions and advanced tools available, why are organizations surprised or complacent with employee turnover costs?
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