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Use Your Power: Stop First Year Turnover

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New job creation is at record highs, unemployment is at record lows and skilled workers are in short supply, placing employees in a powerful position to change jobs when their current role doesn’t meet their expectations. According to the 2017 Retention Report, employees are wielding their power frequently as 34% of all employee turnover in 2016 was from employees within their first year of employment
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If your organization wants to create the best team through understanding and influencing its workforce, it is imperative that you give each employee a voice so you can understand their perspectives on the norms in your organization. This can be achieved by asking employees for feedback at critical points throughout the employee lifecycle.
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We’re approaching mid-year 2017 as June comes to a close, and if economic trends reflect the 80 months prior, the US economy add even more jobs– in addition to the more than 15 million that have already been added in the that time period. With jobs being added and the unemployment rate decreasing, employees continue to have more options, further intensifying the battle to retain employees.
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Turnover is a costly problem for healthcare organizations, as documented in the 2017 Healthcare Retention Report. The recently released report, published as a supplement to the 2017 Retention Report, reveals five truths about the healthcare employee marketplace.
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As insights from the 2017 Retention Report were revealed, we found the data disproves the popular assumption that exit interview data is only from disgruntled employees.1 In fact, this data refutes the idea that exiting employees are just disgruntled with their manager and organization, period.
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The recently released 2017 Healthcare Retention Report, featuring trends, reasons for turnover and recommendations for healthcare managers, revealed that the growth of healthcare job is outpacing other industries and is expected to account for as much as 39% of all new jobs by 2024.
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2 Fatal Flaws of HR Benchmarking

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Let’s be clear, benchmarks must be used along with other strategies to understand your workforce and continually improve performance in order to win the war on talent in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, many business leaders choose to use this data as a shortcut to explaining behaviors in their workforce and to conclude that continual improvement is not necessary to improve business results because they may be incrementally “better” than the group of businesses being referenced.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the May 2017 Jobs Report last week, and the current unemployment rate and job growth show that the war on talent is still raging on in the United States economy. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.3%, which is a sixteen-year low and the lowest it has been since before the recession. With this, there were 138,000 jobs added, which is slightly less than economist projections of 185,000, yet remains strong growth.
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