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Leading businesses continue to adopt strategies, and create cultures, to capture the voice of the employee. It’s important to ensure that these voice of employee strategies are holistic, integrated, and an on-going by capturing the voice of the employee at key stages of the employee lifecycle. Below are three key stages of the employee lifecycle that are critical to building an effective voice of employee strategy and tools often utilized within each stage
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Hiring veterans has come easy, but getting them to stay beyond the first year of employment has been quite a challenge. This is challenge is reflective of a larger issue facing organizations today, as employees that leave within their first year of employment make up over one-third of all employee turnover.
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Employee engagement is a pervasive topic among human resources professionals today, rippling throughout organizations, creating waves among leaders that recognize the benefits, and resulting in a swell of interest in capturing the voice of the employee.
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In January 2017, the number of Americans exiting their jobs elevated to its highest rate of 2.2% since February 2001. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ report once again spells EMERGENCY for organizations and human resource departments across the country
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The Employee Voice Must Be Heard

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It’s time companies recognize that yes, employees are in control of the employer relationship, employees are aware of the perfect storm that exist of low unemployment and a high number of job openings, and employees are leaving companies that do not respect their voice and preferences to join companies that do.
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The report confirmed that 235,000 jobs were added last month, surpassing the 197,000 projected, and making the first two months of this year the highest two-month span for jobs added since the summer of 2016. The surge in jobs added was accompanied by a dip in the unemployment rate to 4.7%, which are both good news for the health of the country’s economy. But, for human resources managers, this latest report confirms that the battles to recruit and to retain top talent employees continue to hea...
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The Dallas Cowboys believe in the power in capturing the voice of the employee and integrating feedback into their culture. They know that if they retain top talent that fits into their culture, they will be able to win.
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How do we prevent these behaviors from occurring or quickly stop them should they occur? Simply having a human resources department in place does not prevent these issues from happening. Human resources managers must work to get in front of potentially damaging situations by proactively asking employees for feedback throughout the employee lifecycle, including newly hired employees, current employees, and former employees.
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There has been much progress since the days Rosie the Riveter rolled up her sleeves for the United States government and encouraged women to join the workforce during war times. We’ve seen women increase their presence in the workforce, increase their voice, and break through glass ceilings. Today, women leading top businesses, serving as top elected officials, pioneering cures in healthcare, championing for human rights and even leading on the battlefield in the military. Women have come a lon...
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A Chicago Tribune article reports that mortgage lender, Guaranteed Rate is adding 280 employees in an effort to compete with industry heavy-hitters Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo, and Chase. As Guaranteed Rate celebrates growth, we want to offer some expert advice on how they can help retain their newly hired employees and profits as they grow.
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