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Voice of employee, or employee voice in the workplace, has become increasingly important to leaders of organizations, leading the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology to list capturing the employee voice as the number seven workplace trend in 2017. As the emphasis escalates, many human resources leaders may be asking what is the definition of voice of employee and why is voice of employee important?
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We’ve said it before – less than half of companies surveyed (48%) believe their new hire onboarding process is somewhat successful and less than one third (28%) believe their new hire onboarding process is highly successful. This is despite evidence that underscores the importance of effective onboarding in the new hire experience and science that proves that effective onboarding improves engagement and retention.
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It is the time of year when we take a break from work, spend time with loved ones and express gratitude over a Thanksgiving meal. If your meal is like most, the conversation around the turkey will turn to your job, how you feel about your role and how you feel about your employer. Some will complain, some will give a lukewarm response, and a few may gush with appreciation for their employer and job.
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Employee onboarding is the process by which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective, engaged members of their teams, departments and the organization. The goals of onboarding are to socialize new hires within the organization, shorten new hire time to productivity and encourage long-term retention.
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A research tool, Stay Interviews are defined as one-on-one interviews, conducted with current employees by an outside party to understand the employees’ intent to stay or leave the organization, and why. Stay Interviews are best used in conjunction with other research tools in a voice-of-employee retention strategy. Additionally, as a part of a retention strategy, Stay Interview questions should assess workplace conditions that drive employee engagement and retention, which are the organization...
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The bottom line is that companies are held back by a lack of qualified talent. As the unemployment rate continues to drop and job openings continue to increase, the quit rate is set-up to sharply rise, push up wages and cost employers more and more in turnover as we round out 2017 and ring in 2018. Employers can’t be idle in recruiting and retention efforts. They must act now to understand how to retain and attract skilled workers, or, sit idle while their competitors grow – with their former ...
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It’s proven fact, as organizations increase the number of opportunities for employees to utilize their voice, engagement increases, retention climbs and turnover drops. Understanding this connection, the voice of employee concept has become increasingly important to organizations as they seek to capture feedback more frequently from employees and take action on that feedback to drive outcomes. With this, many organizations are beginning to include pulse surveys in their voice of employee strate...
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Human resources professionals dream scream about it this time of year – open enrollment. Nearly every HR department conducts open enrollment for 2018 benefits in the fourth quarter, and nearly every HR professional dreads the open enrollment process all year long. Intensifying the matter, today’s healthcare environment has created more tasks for HR teams and more confusion for employees. The good news is that you can work together to make the process less dreadful for everyone.
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