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Employee turnover is an on-going challenge for talent management professionals. At times when turnover accelerates, it becomes an urgent business problem, sending managers into a frenzy to solve.
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As January comes to an end, employers are eagerly implementing retention strategies to stave off the wave of employee turnover that occurs soon after a New Year begins.
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As the presidential inauguration takes place today, there are varying levels of support both within Congress and across the nation, for the president elect. Many are standing with the new leader in a show of support and some are choosing to sit out the ceremonial event completely to make their beliefs known.
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Reports show that supercenter and largest American employer Walmart, along with the 200,000+ employee automotive company General Motors (GM) will add 10,000 and 7,000 jobs, respectively, to their workforce in 2017.
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While quantitative data is important, a rating only indicates that an organization has a problem—it doesn’t tell the complete story. Qualitative data is necessary to gain insight into a rating and understand the “why”, to develop a complete diagnosis to guide leadership to an accurate remedy.
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December 2016 Jobs Report

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Just like the previous several months, the December jobs report shows a tight labor market with a low unemployment rate.
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