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We examine the benefits of internally conducted exit interviews and externally conducted exit interviews in this blog.
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Quit Your Job in 5 Words

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A current trending topic on Twitter is #quityourjobin5words. There are some creative and funny tweets being posted like Nigerian prince is sending me millions, I accidently hit ‘reply all,’ it’s not you it’s me, and I caught all Pokémon here.
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Internally conducted Stay Interviews only reveal partial truths from employees. Because of fears of burning bridges or hurting someone's feelings, employees often do not reveal how they truly feel.
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Exit interviews are conducted to generate feedback from employees with the goal to lower employee turnover rate, raise employee retention, and to improve aspects of the organization as a whole. After conducting the interviews and reviewing the data, organizations will use the employees’ suggestions to create a better organization for which their employees want to work and succeed.
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