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How to Control Nursing Turnover

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Spoiler alert: you control the high rate of nursing turnover by implementing a culture of feedback.
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It makes common sense to expect that turnover would adversely affect patient care. Because of this, healthcare providers MUST become more aware of the needs of their nurses – almost as much if not as much as they care for the patients.
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The performance management system represents a genuine opportunity to raise the ceiling for an organization. When properly used, it raises the bar for average employees—getting them to buy into professional development and bettering their results. When improperly used, they are a waste of time.
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Top 3 Reasons Nurses Leave

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Recently, nursing turnover once again was in the spotlight when nurses in Texas decided to leave their healthcare careers to work at McDonald’s. In Texas, Medicaid policies in place create under-funding in many long-term care facilities. This cuts nurses pay significantly creating obvious damage to engagement and retention in healthcare organizations there. Every state isn’t exactly like Texas, but the message is clear.
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Nursing Turnover is Rampant

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Nursing turnover is rampant – what type of registered nurses are leaving the most?
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According to the 2016 National Healthcare and RN Staffing report, while an overwhelming majority (84.8%) of healthcare organizations view retention as a “key strategic imperative” it is not evident in operational practice/planning. Although viewed in such a strong light, in 2016 only half or 51.5% of healthcare providers have a formal retention strategy.
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