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The best way to understand the reasons for employee departure is not through a survey with canned responses the employee does not get to choose. It is not through internal interviews with an HR representative because employees likely will not want to burn a bridge at the company.
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Estimated costs of employee turnover range from 33% up to 200% of the departing employee’s salary. It is imperative for organization’s to understand exactly what goes into the overall cost of employee turnover. There are multiple layers in beginning to calculate the exact costs of turnover which is why the estimated costs of turnover have such a disparity.
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Top 5 Pulse Interview Findings

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Pulse Interviews are the new and regular employee feedback practice for organizations committed to fully understanding the daily trials and tribulations their employees face. Here are 5 of the top information gathered during Pulse Interviews
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The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has released multiple publications and guides on how to limit compliance risks in the workplace. Follow these guidelines to help your organization avoid costly compliance lawsuits.
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You Don't Have to Talk to Every Employee

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Many organizations use an engagement survey to get an idea of what the entire company population is thinking and feeling. But times have changed! This one research tool is no longer enough to get an accurate picture of what it will take to retain employees.
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Employee Engagement is a big dilemma in organizations throughout the United States. Many recent studies suggest that engagement is, at best, stagnant at organizations as a whole. With that in mind, we have to consider the possibility that we have been approaching how we engage employees the wrong way.
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New Hires Matter - Hire to Fit

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Attracting top performers is more than just placing a well-worded ad on a job website. Hiring the wrong person can result in astronomical costs for your company. Utilizing regular Recruitment Studies identifies areas that need improvement.
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In many companies, employee retention issues are ignored until employers suspect a top-performing employee might bail. At that point, the issues are addressed by offering the worker increased compensation, or some other form of enticement to stay - and then it’s back to business as usual. Unfortunately for companies, that is not enough to help retain their employees.
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Company leaders, HR teams, supervisors – LISTEN UP. Right now? You’re best, most productive employees just read the New York Times article telling them that there are jobs aplenty.
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Every February, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updates its statistics on charges of discrimination in the workplace. Charges must be filed with the EEOC before an employee has the right to sue, so charges brought to them are a good indicator of the compliance risks that companies are facing.
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