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The New York Times’s writer Susan Dominus recently published an extensive research article based on the work-life equation. With organizations having to focus on what keeps employees engaged and retained in their work, this experiment was a great way to understand better ways organizations “could reconfigure work to address the realities of the modern employee…”
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The Best Way to Engage Employees

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Employees will be engaged in their work if they see and feel they are important and wanted by the organization. The best way to show employees they are wanted is by regularly conducting interviews with the employee throughout the entire employee cycle.
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KPMG is one of the largest accounting firms in the world, and their lead partner in global HR transformation, Robert Bolton has some powerful quotes regarding the outdated annual engagement survey.
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Employee Appreciation Day

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The national Employee Appreciation Day is scheduled for Friday, May 4th. It is a time where organizations have ice cream parties, happy hour outings, or possibly even give employees some time off. It is a great time to show employees they are important to the organization and that their happiness matters.
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Top Compliance Issues for 2016

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Conversations around HR compliance are some of the most important conversations to have, but unfortunately HR compliance is oftentimes overlooked as too legal, too detailed and too much to understand.
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Each company has to decide whether or not to conduct the interviews internally, usually by a supervisor or the HR department, or to outsource the exit interviews so they are conducted externally.
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Valentine's Day Survey

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Conducting annual employee surveys is about as useful as conducting an annual survey with your significant other in regards to your relationship. Implementing a continual employee feedback strategy will help retain and engage your employees for the long haul.
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The best way to retain your best employees is to listen to them. And the best way to do this is to have a comprehensive feedback strategy in place to get their voices heard.
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Fraud is underestimated within organizations and thought to be only a problem of organizations, but study after study tells us that fraud is far more pervasive than that.
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After adding 151,000 jobs in January, the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. In addition to the unemployment rate drop, the average wage growth rose .5% from last month.
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