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Bosses Are Yucky, Idea-Stealing Blamers
Nobody wants a boss. Employees want leaders to lead. And the relationships between company leaders and employees are imperative to the success of your company.
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5 Things Onboarding Studies Reveal

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Onboarding Studies provide valuable information regarding the expectations and experiences of newly hired employees that organizations can use to improve employee retention rates. If companies have any intentions of developing a successful employee engagement and retention strategy, they must collect the critical feedback from new employees.
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All of these reasons showcase the want and need to be trusted and the employees all want to be treated as humans. Another key similarity: all of the reasons are, once again, preventable.
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Onboarding analysis is a critical and often overlooked tool. Organizations committed to engagement and retention are likely using them to determine how the organization can optimize and improve their orientation programs.
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Categories: Onboarding | Tags: | View Count: (3031) says Wednesday, January 6th was the BUSIEST day of the year for Job Hunting. This shows that turnover will be the largest cost companies incur in 2016
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Learn the most powerful reasons to outsource your organization's Stay Interviews
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Top Reasons Employees Quit

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A recent article shows 9 different reasons employees decide to leave an organization and the worst part about it is that all reasons are preventable. Each and every organization has the power to make sure not one employee leaves because of it.
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