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Those are part of the equation, but to fully understand your workforce and its inner-workings, you need to implement of culture of feedback throughout the employee cycle.
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How to make the "Best Places to Work" List

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Congratulations to Airbnb for making the top spot on the "Best Places to Work" list. So what are the similarities between all of the companies on the list? Their employees are in control.
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Studies have shown that exit interviews conducted two to six weeks after termination tend to be richer, more balanced, and more helpful in identifying patterns in responses. That makes it more likely to identify appropriate action steps that are more likely to result in reduced turnover, improved productivity, and higher employee engagement within the organization.
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Corporate fraud is a costly and potentially brand-destroying dilemma that many companies only deal with AFTER they find out about a possible issue. Employees don’t feel comfortable sharing negative observations in the workplace and will rarely report fraudulent behaviors.
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The Best Gift for Your Employees

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It is regularly said that organizations need to focus their attention on the customer, but in order for companies to have strong customer loyalty and financial growth, they need to focus their attention on the employees.
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It is about an accident prone Clark Griswold, played by Chase, who goes to extreme efforts to guarantee a great Christmas for his large family… right? Wrong! Christmas Vacation is actually a movie about workforce research and understanding what your employees’ expectations and intents are.
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What's the secret to his longevity?
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In over 15 years and 1 million employee interviews that we at the Work Institute have conducted, we have found that there are four different drivers of employee engagement.
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To keep their employees happy over the holidays, REI decided to close their stores on Black Friday and their online sales skyrocketed because of it.
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