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REI Understands Their Employees

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The outdoor recreation retailer announced they would not be open on the nation’s most popular shopping day, Black Friday, because they are encouraging their employees and customers to enjoy the great outdoors instead of wasting time standing in lines and fighting large crowds.
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There is a manager crisis in American companies. A recent study conducted by Gallup details some very disturbing statistics regarding managers in today’s workforce. The report confirms that only 18% of managers demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others.Let that sink in. Only 18% of managers are qualified to manage others.This is an extremely scary statistic for those who are responsible for retaining and engaging employees. We already know that 80% of employees dissatisfied with th...
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Paul Ryan recently held a press conference where he detailed the items he would need should he decide to take the very difficult yet powerful Speaker of the House role as many in his party are hoping he will.In an unprecedented move – Ryan gave an ultimatum of sorts wherein he stated among other things that he will not compromise his family time should he decide to take this position. Should the government make that agreement with him; then America will have witnessed first-hand employee recrui...
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Once again, Google has demonstrated how much they value their employees.An engineer that works for Google has found a way to live rent free by sleeping in the back of a truck that he paid $10,000 for. He uses his free parking spot in the Google parking lot, the free gym membership at Google, and he eats in the Google cafeteria – also for free. This has allowed him the opportunity to make large payments on his student loans and save a huge portion of his take home pay.While we realize that not e...
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Amazon's Bezos Ranking Drops

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There’s more to being a CEO than just paying off your shareholders. Jeff Bezos is learning the hard way that employees matter.Everyone saw the NYTimes article that discussed the employment nightmare that is Bezos was appalled and frustrated by the article and fired back a defensive letter to the editor to mitigate the bad press that he received, but it did little to quell the rumors and conversation surrounding his company’s poor employee engagement strategy and high turnover. We h...
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There is a method to keeping turnover costs low and keeping productivity high. Unfortunately, most companies are using an antiquated method of “THE” annual engagement survey and if they are really progressive they may also use Exit Interviews. Thirty years ago this was a solid strategy, but in this day and age of technology, speed, and access it’s simply not enough. In fact, it’s likely costing more in managing than it is saving on internal costs.There are three main mistakes companies conti...
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Happy Bosses Day 2016

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What is a great boss? The definition certainly changes from person to person, but we can all agree that a great supervisor listens to their employees, delegates tasks with trust, provides guidance and leadership, communicates well, and understands each individual talents.  A good supervisor changes the way you view your career and your company.Because Work Institute is a leading engagement and retention company we often hear about how great a particular boss is and how that boss is the reason wh...
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Two key stories came out this week regarding workforces: Blue Bell ice cream discovered listeria in their ice cream and Twitter is laying off 8% of their workforce.Three Deaths and 10 Sick at Blue BellAccording to CBS News, random testing in Blue Bell ice cream found listeria which got 10 people sick and killed 3 people. Former workers are claiming Blue Bell management ignored complaints from employees about how the factory was full of “dangerous conditions linked to a deadly listeria outbreak....
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“We’ve always done it that way.” We all know this saying as the six most expensive words in business and it is a saying we often hear when speaking to HR professionals regarding their Exit Interview and employee feedback process. Exit Interviews have been a best practice for organizations for decades, but they are not enough.Exit Interviews provide great insights into why an employee decided to leave the organization, but they only generate data from those employees who have already left. Wha...
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A recent study by Insight Link revealed that 50% of all voluntary turnover is preventable. Imagine the amount of money organizations could save in turnover costs if they cut the amount of employees leaving in half.Preventable turnover is defined as “when employees leave because of difficulties they are facing with their jobs or in their work environment.” Some specific issues we regularly see are a lack of professional development for employees, having a bad supervisor, disliking the teammates...
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