Workforce Webinars

Work Institute periodically hosts live webinars focusing on workforce management related issues. Each webinar is free to attend and will provide insight to current trends in the best practices for conducting workforce research. Our webinars are hosted by our President, Danny Nelms, who in twenty plus years working in Human Resources and now five plus running Work Institute, has the knowledge to share the best practices in effectively managing workforces. Our webinars focus on each of the stages of the employee lifecycle that include: recruitment, onboarding, engagement, retaining employees, and exiting employees.

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Engaging Employees Requires More than an Annual Study

Low employee engagement is a large problem in the United States and reports show that low engagement will continue to be an issue. Organizations are regularly struggling to find the best ways to keep their employees engaged. Low engaged employees creates low performers and low profit. When organizations continue to follow the tired practice of the annual engagement survey, they are wasting time and resources. 
Engaging your workforce requires more than conducting a survey once a year and in this webinar you will learn how to best engage your workforce by understanding:
  • The best practices to generate actionable data from employees
  • How to analyze the research gathered from engagement studies to implement meaningful change
  • How to get support from the organization so you can implement powerful changes 
Don't base company-wide decisions on one moment in time as determined by an outdated annual engagement survey. Update your employee engagement practices and watch your business succeed as a result.
You can see the recording of the presentation HERE and can view the slides in the attachment below.


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