Workforce Webinars

Work Institute periodically hosts live webinars focusing on workforce management related issues. Each webinar is free to attend and will provide insight to current trends in the best practices for conducting workforce research. Our webinars are hosted by our President, Danny Nelms, who in twenty plus years working in Human Resources and now five plus running Work Institute, has the knowledge to share the best practices in effectively managing workforces. Our webinars focus on each of the stages of the employee lifecycle that include: recruitment, onboarding, engagement, retaining employees, and exiting employees.

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Employees are ready to quit - Is your retention strategy ready?

Getting a better understanding of your employees’ preferences, expectations, and intents of the workplace not only helps you reduce your turnover and retain your top talent, but also helps manage the costs associated with employee turnover.

Employee turnover costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each month even though it is a preventable cost. Learn to understand exactly how to retain your employees and keep them thriving in their roles.