The Why Factor: Winning With Workforce Intelligence

Retention, Satisfaction, Turnover, Engagement, Survey, Workforce Research


To most managers, these are words heard almost daily. But what does it all mean? With consultants touting multiple and diverse survey solutions for attracting and retaining the best talent, leaders are beginning to question how it is that so many different approaches can produce positive results.

In The Why Factor, authors Danny Nelms and Dr. Tom Mahan introduce a unique observer to guide you through the dos and don'ts when developing and implementing workforce research in your organization.



"Organization change and improvement is a tough challenge that most companies do poorly. The Why Factor is a great read that advocates customizing your approach to change and making decisions based on  evidence rather than preconceived programmatic solutions. Danny Nelms and Thomas Mahan provide a roadmap for getting to the why before implementing the what or determining the how."

-Norm Smallwood
RBL Group
Author of Results-Based Leadership,
How Leaders Build Value, Leadership
Code, and What is Leadership? (eBook).

“If you want to make a great investment in your business, and learn how to get the best ROI from your Human Capital, dive into The Why Factor!  Your shareholders will thank you!”

-Steve Hayes
Sr Partner, The Human Capital Group, Inc.

“WOW, Danny Nelms and Thomas Mahan have reset the GPS of managerial-leadership HR ideas, doctrine, and application with THE WHY FACTOR: Winning With Workforce Intelligence. With an estimated 83% of Merger Acquisitions today imploding and 63% of family businesses not surviving the second generation, this book gives a fast pulse clue and solutions to real time success. I have consulted with the top Fortune 100 Firms, cutting edge entrepreneurial organizations, coached the celebrities of industry, written college text books along with Best Sellers myself, and as the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine engaged the sharpest minds today … What Danny and Thomas have penned in less than 100 pages must be on the nightstand of every leader today – read it or die!”

Human Capital Developer