employee engagement infographics
Visual tools to facilitate the employee feedback conversation

The Work Institute is continually producing infographics, social media memes and other visual resources to inform and empower HR professionals, and facilitate conversation about the importance of strong employee feedback programs with organizational leadership.

  • Infographics & Employee Engagement Resources
  • direct costs of employee turnover

    Direct Costs of Employee Turnover

    This infographic provides an easy to understand illustration of the costly nature of turnover and support the fact that increasing employee engagement can significantly reduce those costs.


  • learn from stay interviews

    Learn From Stay Interviews

    Stay Interviews can provide detailed insight into the things that work and the things that don't within your organization, giving you an opportunity to address challenges before it's too late and employees leave.


  • stay interviews vs exit interviews

    Stay Interviews vs Exit Interviews

    While both are informative tools for HR and provide valuable insight directly from employees, this graphic highlights several of the key differences between stay interviews and exit interviews.


  • direct costs of nursing turnover

    Direct Costs of Nursing Turnover

    This infographic highlights the multiple costs associated with turnover of nursing staff, which can be greatly reduced through the implementation of a formal feedback strategy.


  • c-suite-one-sheet

    C-Suite One Sheet

    This sheet contains the information you need to have an informed conversation with leadership teams about adding outsourced employee engagement research into your operating budget.


  • HR Budgeting Assistant

    HR Budgeting Assistant

    We’ve built a HR budget allocation tool to illustrate how adding to your employee research budget line item can significantly impact next year’s turnover rate.