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Data from recruiting studies often finds problems in how a potential employee views the brand and the overall hiring experience they encounter. With our recruiting consulting planning and execution organizations can understand what the first impression really is for candidates, how job descriptions, interview techniques and knowing best hiring practices can mean the difference in hiring the best person for the job or just any person for the job. Our team works closely with your hiring managers and recruiters to manage external communications both in print and in person and can put a process in place that will ensure that recruiting is precise and profitable.


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Identify top performers. Understanding and communicating key messages will resonate with potential hires.

Reflect your company brand and mission in job advertising.

Best represent your company brand and culture at job fairs.

Ascertain the right benefits and salary to appeal to top performers.

Pinpoint and adjust hiring process pace. Quick and desperate decisions lead to bad hires, which end up costing employers more in the long run.

Prepare and coach interviewers on good interview preparation and execution practices. Research has shown that unstructured interviews, in which interviewers are allowed to ask whatever kind of questions they want, are not a good way to learn if someone will be a good hire or not.

Develop recruiting brand by identifying key messages about the company and the open position.


Your employee feedback raw data will be analyzed and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss results. Our consultants will identify 3 to 4 of your top recruiting challenges, with next steps including a detailed analysis and discussion on potential changes to be put in place to address issues.

We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to improve your recruiting strategy.


After measures have been put into place to address employee recruiting challenges, we will monitor the programs. After a reasonable amount of time, the Work Institute will survey the employee population affected to measure and report R.O.I. on the plans we have put into place.

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