Workforce Consulting Solutions

Workforce Consulting Solutions

Our consulting services are BETTER. Because, data.

The Work Institute specializes in measuring, understanding and predicting workforce behaviors.  To reduce turnover, save thousands on internal costs and to positively affect the bottom line we encourage our clients to put into practice a comprehensive feedback strategy including reaching out to employees across multiple touchpoints.  Recruiting, onboarding, engagement, stays, exits and HR compliance are all ways that you can use our services to gather valuable data that sheds light on the things your organization is doing right and conversely what should be done better.

With this data you have power.  But without making changes after discovering issues – you only have data.

That’s why we have our Work Institute consulting services.  We use our combined experience of close to 30 years in human resources and our ability to capture the specific data you need to design thorough action plans to solve HR issues.  For example, just by solving simple issues in recruitment results in hiring the right top talent for your open positions.  Hiring the right top talent means you reduce turnover significantly.

Our consultants read your data meticulously and are able to highlight your organizational challenges. Then they meet with you and your team to discuss what they see and what types of changes can be made internally to resolve those challenges.  Our workforce consultants also tailor action plans based on level of challenge and budget.  The goal is resolve workplaces issues quickly, compliantly and effectively.



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Data from recruiting studies often finds problems in how an potential employee views the brand and the overall hiring experience they encounter. With our recruiting consulting planning and execution organizations can understand what the first impression really is for candidates, how job descriptions, interview techniques and knowing best hiring practices can mean the difference in hiring the best person for the job or just any person for the job. Our team works closely with your hiring managers and recruiters to manage external communications both in print and in person and can put a process in place that will ensure that recruiting is precise and profitable.

The data in onboarding research can expose specific weaknesses in your onboarding programs. A recent Aberdeen survey showed that 83% of high-performing companies begin their onboarding process before an employee’s first day. Our workforce consultants will create an action plan designed to help your company make changes before the first day experience and early stage training. Indoctrination of the employee into your company culture is crucial in onboarding. We have specific guidelines and training that are focused on employee inclusion, supervisor onboarding training and company community. The first 60 to 90 days are crucial to making giving the employee the feeling that they made the right decision and that your company is the place that they will build their long term career.

Using engagement data allows our consultants to make valuable discoveries in your overall engagement strategy. Issues with manager effectiveness, alignment with vision, why am I here and how do I connect, team building planning, career planning and development are fundamental an organization’s overall employee success. Our workforce consultants will develop a plan that will create a workplace where your employees are highly engaged that will offer valuable insight into company culture, department culture and overall connection to the company mission and brand.

Our retention research helps us gain important insight into the issues that drive retention like employee support, connection to the mission of the organization, how employees feel about supervisors, coworkers and their personal career development. Poor scores on these items produce high turnover and skyrocketing internal costs. The Work Institute workforce consultants work with you and your teams to develop the action plan to maximize your employee retention and minimize your internal costs. Simply asking your employees what you need to improve is not enough. Companies must make changes to demonstrate that the employees have been heard. We work with you to help make the positive changes you need to increase your employee retention rates.

Almost 5% off all departing employees report a compliance related issue - like, reusing needles, not wearing safety gear, fraud, embezzlement, discrimination and harassment. The data we have reveals where things are amiss in your organization and our workforce consultants are experienced in compliance issues and can address these potentially harmful issues by putting an action plan in place to resolve them. Every company should have a compliance plan in place that reduces risk and promotes a culture of compliance by rewarding ethical behavior.

One of the challenges most large companies face have to do with internal communication. The data we have shows that employees don’t feel they are heard. This issue can cause an employee to feel undervalued and subsequently unproductive. Our consultants work with you to build an internal employee feedback brand that will increase response rates – giving you the information you need to make changes that will increase retention and reduce expensive turnover.

Often times our engagement and retention studies turn up valuable insight on company leaders, supervisors and managers. Employees do need to feel heard by the company to feel engaged but if they are overall unhappy with their direct reporting supervisor they are already looking for a job. The relationships between company leaders and employees are imperative to the success of your company. We offer a plan that provides one-on-one consulting, leadership training, new manager programs, executive consulting and more to reinforce management strengths, address sensitive issues and maximize the relationship between leadership and employees.


How do you know? Because we have data to help us uncover workplace issues, we also will have new research and data after we implement an action plan to demonstrate a positive ROI. Most HR consulting firms don’t have this capability and this is how we stand out from the rest.

It is this data that will drive turnover down by 50% or more.  It is this insight that will cut internal costs on recruiting, hiring, onboarding and engagement.  The benefits to this information carry over quickly to your paying customers. They get better products and services from productive and engaged employees.

A comprehensive feedback and consulting plan from the Work Institute is the key to long term financial success for your company.

Data driven solutions mean financial success.


Our experts can help you determine the solutions best suited to your company’s needs.