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What does your HR compliance look like?

Almost 5% off all departing employees report a compliance related issue – like, reusing needles, not wearing safety gear, fraud, embezzlement, discrimination and harassment. The data we have reveals where things are amiss in your organization and our workforce consultants are experienced in compliance issues and can address these potentially harmful issues by putting an action plan in place to resolve them.  Every company should have a compliance plan in place that reduces risk and promotes a culture of compliance by rewarding ethical behavior.



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Monitor whether policies and procedures are being communicated properly and followed.

Create an environment where employees feel safe to speak up. An employee that has encountered sexual harassment or racial discrimination that stays quiet can mean major lawsuits when they finally do speak – to a lawyer.

Develop and improve benefits communication. Poor communication of these important items can promote disengagement.

Update sensitivity training in the workplace. Training on sexual harassment, racial discrimination and drugs/alcohol in the workplace should be recent and interactive.

Determine your company crisis plan.  Instant risk notifications regarding fraud, abuse, unethical and non-compliant behavior findings must be a part of a solid HR Compliance plan.


Your employee feedback raw data will be analyzed and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss results. Our consultants will identify 3 to 4 of your top human resources compliance challenges, with next steps including a detailed analysis and discussion on potential changes to be put in place to address issues.

We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to improve your HR compliance strategy for employees.


After measures have been put into place to address HR compliance issues, we will monitor the program. After a reasonable amount of time, the Work Institute will survey the employee population affected to measure and report R.O.I. on the plans we have put into place.

Data Driven Solutions

Our consultants build their HR compliance strategy recommendations based on data. Learn more about our proven process.

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  • "The Work Institute opened our eyes to ethical issues we never would have discovered on our own. The confidentiality assurance of a third party gave our employees the courage to speak up, so we could tackle issues before it was too late."