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Using engagement data allows our consultants to make valuable discoveries in your overall engagement strategy.  Issues like manager effectiveness, alignment with vision, ‘why am I here and how do I connect,’ team building planning, career planning and development are fundamental to an organization’s overall employee success. Our experienced workforce consultants will develop a plan that will offer valuable insight into company culture, department culture and overall connection to the company mission and brand, and will create a workplace environment where employees are highly engaged.


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Learn new strategies to train supervisors. 75% of people don’t quit their job – they quit their boss.

Build an internal communication plan where employees are made aware of and are comfortable with the company mission and value? This alignment has a direct effect on employee performance.

Clarify job roles and skills for employees. Feeling as if their work is meaningful and directly correlates to the company mission is powerful for top performing employees.

Identify how relationships with coworkers positively or negatively affecting productivity. Almost as important as supervisors, coworker relationships can make or break an employee.

Reduce turnover with your feedback plan. Turnover drops significantly when there is a culture of feedback at an organization.

Develop an employee recognition plan. 79% of employees feel that recognition makes them work harder.

Identify and implement programs to further employee advancement. Companies that invest in training and career development outperform their competition.


Your employee feedback raw data will be analyzed and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss results. Our consultants will identify 3 to 4 of your top engagement challenges, with next steps including a detailed analysis and discussion on potential changes to be put in place to address issues.

We will regularly meet with you and any key leaders to discuss what we’ve discovered and will work with you to build a plan of action to improve your engagement strategy for new employees.


After measures have been put into place to address engagement challenges, we will monitor the program. After a reasonable amount of time, Work Institute will survey the employee population affected to measure and report R.O.I. on the plans we have put into place.

Data Driven Solutions

Our consultants build their engagement strategy recommendations based on data. Learn more about our proven process.

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  • "The actionable and detailed data from the Work Institute gave us the support to make the changes our employees needed to see. The ability to break it down into different divisions particularly provided us with the insight to address specific concerns within departments and levels, as opposed to blanket solutions, and led to an overall more productive workforce."