How to Generate Actionable Feedback from Employees

To generate actionable employee feedback, organizations must be able to understand the actual reasons for employee departure. Organizations must realize there is strategic information that should be secured from the talent who left the organization. The organization needs to get the truth from former employees about the company, their job, their supervisor, and their team.… Continue reading How to Generate Actionable Feedback from Employees

Top Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

Employee attrition: it’s easily one of the most pressing – and complex – issues facing organizations today. As countless news stories proclaim that our society is in the midst of “The Great Resignation,” many employers are investing more time and effort than ever into improving retention.     But before your organization can implement a strategy… Continue reading Top Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

Why Exit Interviews are Critical to Employee Retention

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It’s a fact, to learn the real reasons employees leave, and make decisions on the truth as employees perceive it, organizations must ask employees why they left in a way that brings out the truth. When used effectively, exit interviews reveal the true causes of employee turnover and inform targeted strategies to improve employee retention.… Continue reading Why Exit Interviews are Critical to Employee Retention

Breaking Down the Direct Costs of Employee Turnover

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What gets measured gets managed. With the estimated costs of employee turnover ranging from 33% up to 200% of the departing employee’s salary, it is imperative for organizations to understand exactly what goes into the overall cost of employee turnover. There are multiple layers in beginning to calculate the exact costs of turnover which is… Continue reading Breaking Down the Direct Costs of Employee Turnover

Top 5 Pulse Interview Insights

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Pulse Interviews are a regular employee feedback practice for organizations committed to fully understanding the challenges employees encounter in their roles with the company. Pulse Interviews are the best way to generate continuous, up-to-date feedback from employees. Organizations dedicated to creating a productive employee environment understand exactly how important it is to regularly reach out… Continue reading Top 5 Pulse Interview Insights

Voluntary Turnover Returns as COVID Recedes

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The latest voluntary quit (turnover) rate shows nearly twice the amount of employees quit their jobs in July 2020 than those who quit in April 2020. Even during a global pandemic, a historic recession (hopefully on a short one), high unemployment, and general fear and restlessness, U.S. workers still control the job market. Yes, that… Continue reading Voluntary Turnover Returns as COVID Recedes

Top Employee Retention Strategies

On average, an employer will experience an 18% turnover in its workforce each year. Turnover is a fact of life for all organizations. A certain portion of your employees will inevitably relocate, change careers, or pursue other opportunities. Every instance of turnover costs money, though, as you are forced to spend time interviewing, hiring, and… Continue reading Top Employee Retention Strategies

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Improve Employee Retention with Stay Interviews

The U.S. workforce is experiencing a turnover tsunami and those organizations proactive in employee feedback efforts will undoubtedly see their retention improve. Like mining for gold, you actively prospect and sift through applicants to strike pay dirt with employees that have the potential to be high-performers and to stay with your company for a long… Continue reading Improve Employee Retention with Stay Interviews

Defining Employee Stay Interviews

Employees stay at organizations for different reasons than they leave, and nearly every organization is unique in the reasons employees stay.1 Therefore, Stay Interviews are common tools used in building effective employee retention strategies1. We have defined and detailed the many elements of conducting effective Stay Interviews in the Essential Guide to Conducting Stay Interviews,… Continue reading Defining Employee Stay Interviews

It is Time to Rebuild HR, Not Defund It

There is considerable talk these days that HR does not deliver the value of its capability. Additional arguments include moving HR functions into Legal, Finance, and both internal and external Marketing/Communications. Should HR functions be reassigned or defunded? Can HR deliver the value it is designed to provide? The real question is whether HR has… Continue reading It is Time to Rebuild HR, Not Defund It