Customized Reporting
The power of workforce intelligence

 Work Institute helps you fix problems. We believe there is a gap in how organizations are managing their workforces, and all the while, spending millions of dollars with no measurable improvement. Our objective is to be the leader in talent management research and consulting. We know how to help our clients attract, develop, and retain their best people. Our customized reporting solution gives you access to the employee feedback data that your company needs to achieve these objectives.


With our research division’s proprietary live, behavioral telephone interviews and our unique web-enabled interviews, we can leverage employee feedback to gain the necessary insights for your organization.

Open ended interview questions allow each respondent to provide feedback in their own words. Work Institute codes each response into categories and generates reports that include both the actual comments from respondents as well as percentages based on the coded responses. Thus, it is possible to track percentages over time as well as to drill down to the comments made by respondents. This makes the data far more actionable than mere ratings of specific issues or the percent of people who agree or disagree with specific statements.


Core Response Categories Include:

  • 1Reason for Leaving or Intent to Stay
  • 2Support from the Company
  • 3Supervisor Performance
  • 4Perception of Company
  • 5Willingness to Recommend
  • 6Currently Employed
  • 4Interest in Returning/Rehire Alert
  • 8Risk Alert


    We get beyond just ratings and get to the root of how employees respond to your organization.  We conduct research across all stages of the employment lifecycle. Employees’ views change during the employment life-cycle, so it’s important to collect valuable intelligence from employees at varying times throughout the employment experience.


    We leverage data to explain the REAL reasons why talented people leave, why they intend to leave, why they stay and what factors affect their engagement. We can segment that data by geography, facility, department, director, or manager to quickly connect the dots and identify opportunities for improvement.

    The Work Institute offers exceptional reporting and customized decision support including:

    The Detailed Report is the most useful report for obtaining a high level overview of the data as well as for drilling down to specific areas within the organization. Report tables, graphs, and verbatims can be exported as an Excel or PDF file and then modified and printed as needed, based on any designated time period.

    Components of this report:

    • Summary – this component provides information on number of competes, response rates, and cost of turnover (if compensation data is provided by the Client), re-recruitment opportunity, and knowledge of illegal or unethical practices.
    • Organization – this component makes it possible to identify what the specific drivers of, for example, retention/ productivity are for each segment so that interventions can be targeted appropriately.

    This report is run by selecting a particular question and then selecting breakouts based on data fields provided by the Client. Thus, it is easy to look for reasons broken out by such demographics as gender, race, age groups, length of service groups, performance ratings, etc.

    Once categories of issues have been identified as warranting more attention, it is necessary to examine verbatim responses. For example, if supervision issues emerge as one of the most frequent categories mentioned, it is then necessary to review verbatim comments to identify most common reasons. Frequently, this is sufficient to identify specific issues that need to be addressed.

    Work Institute has two vehicles that are routinely used for Affirmative Responsibility purposes. The first vehicle is what is referred to as a Risk Flag. A Risk Flag is generated anytime an employee answers yes to a Risk or Safety or Fraud question. Flags (email alerts) are sent automatically as soon as the data are obtained.

    The second vehicle is referred to as a Recruitment Flag and is generated whenever respondents say they would like to have their names given to the Client as someone who would be interested in talking to someone in HR about returning.

    These reports have been developed in collaboration with many of our clients, representing data and data displays that have been found to be the most useful. All reports and actual comments are exportable to Excel or PDF, with or without graphs, percentages, or response numbers.

    Key Benefits

    Individualized Access
    Multiple Login Levels for individualized access to data and reports. For example, administrative team members may have access to all reports for the entire organization; unit managers might only have access to their area of responsibility/accountability.

    Data Visualization
    Graphs, pie charts or bar charts for high level view of data and trends. Managers are able to look at responses to all questions in a rolled up view, such as by company, facility, department, and/or supervisor.

    Email Alert Notification
    Client has immediate e-mail notification of employee relations concerns (harassment, violence, bullying, risk) and employee interest in returning opportunities.

    Custom Formatting
    Custom report formatting to match company goals and initiatives or to view trends over a specific time period.

    Key Indicator Reports
    Key indicator reporting system that sends a specialized report to the client on an ad-hoc basis.

    Unlimited Flexibility
    Ability to have reports available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in multiple formats to meet the needs of the various constituent groups within the company. Reports are generated automatically; clients do not have to wait for a quarterly or monthly report.


    The Work Institute analysis system includes reports that are available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that the data is your data, and as such, you have unrestricted access to it at any time via our secure online customer portal.

    All reports can be made available to anyone within an organization through a secure, password protected access system. Some organizations grant access to all data available to all senior managers, while others only grant access to data within a manager’s level of responsibility. We give your organization the power to determine to whom it wishes to grant access.